LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James reacts after being fouled in the second half of Game 4 of the NBA basketball Western Conference Final series against the Denver Nuggets Monday, May 22, 2023, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Los Angeles Lakers lost to Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals, thus marking the end of their 2022-23 NBA season campaign. The loss was brutal for the Lakers as they got swept 4-0. Regardless, reaching all the way to conference finals from the bottom was a win in itself. However, the club’s star forward, LeBron James, didn’t take it too well.

LeBron James ignored his foot tendon injury to keep the Lakers in the contest for the playoffs. Hence, after all the hard work, when the team lost, he just couldn’t digest it. Immediately after the loss, the 38-year-old dropped a bombshell in an interview. He hinted at the possibility of him retiring at the conclusion of the current season. But the burning question is, how legit is the threat? Will James actually mull hanging up the boots?


WNBA Star Gives Her Verdict On LeBron James’ Retirement Threat

LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James looks downcast in the closing minutes of their defeat to the Denver Nuggets. (AP Photo)

NBA veteran LeBron James has kept the NBA world on its toes since he threatened to quit the sport after the Western Conference Finals. Since then, there has been no update whatsoever, as James wants to take most of the off-season to come to a decision. Regardless, the rumor market is buzzing with numerous speculations. WNBA star Sue Bird also weighed her thoughts and had a different perspective on the matter. She said that the Lakers star is at that stage of his career where he wants to contemplate what he wants his future to look like. James is 38 and has been in the league for 20 long years. Hence, the forward knows the NBA business in and out.

Sue Bird also claimed that LeBron James’ statement of wanting to quit might have been an overreaction. Understanding James’ perspective, he fought the whole season battling injuries and made every possible attempt to take the Lakers to the conference finals. Hence, when he saw his hard work and resilience go in vain, the emotions and exhaustion got the better of him. Hence, all the fiasco could just be a result of the emotional turmoil that LeBron was going through after the loss. That being said, Bird thinks that the 38-year-old will surely give a hard thought on his future and choose either to retire or play for a couple of more seasons.

NBA Reporters Are Saturated With Kyrie Irving’s Trade Rumors

LeBron James
Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Meanwhile, the off-season is just a few days away, and teams have started chalking up their plans and strategies. The one rumor that garnered massive coverage is Kyrie Irving‘s move to the Lakers. Reports suggested that LeBron James is pressurizing the Lakers’ front office to land Irving as the team stays defiant. Now new reports claim that Irving is pursuing LeBron to join Dallas Mavericks to form the dream team if the Lakers’ deal falls out.

Amid these constantly changing rumors and dynamics, the NBA reporters are irked. Ex-NBA player and analyst Tim Legler blasted Kyrie Irving for unnecessarily raking up the trade rumors. He said Irving has been doing it for years. He never makes a firm decision and keeps on jumping from team to team. Hence, the reporters are sick of talking about him constantly as new rumors emerge every few days.