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Despite Serving Suspension, Yankees Domingo German Still Seeking Clarity Over The Use Of Sticky Substance

Foreign substances have long been a topic of discussion in baseball. Pitchers have used various substances, such as rosin, to gain a better grip on the ball and enhance their performance. However, the use of these substances has come under scrutiny, with concerns about unfair advantages and potential safety risks. Recently, a couple of Yankees pitchers have come under scanner, which further fueled the existing debate over the efficacy of the rule.

Domingo German, the New York Yankees pitcher, was added to the starting rotation this season due to injury issues. He was off to a rocky start but covered it up well in the latter half with a 3.75 ERA. He still has a lot to improve. However, the pitcher has been caught up in an unwanted controversy over the use of a sticky substance, which landed him in huge trouble. Germany faced a 10-day suspension, which will end this week. Moreover, as the pitcher gears up for a return, he still seeks a bit of clarity from the MLB authorities over the use of foreign substances.


Domingo German To Reduce The Use Of Rosin As He Gears Up For A Return

Domingo German is checked for an illegal substance by the umpires on Saturday. Robert Sabo for NY Post

The New York Yankees faced a major embarrassment a couple of weeks ago when their starting pitcher, Domingo German, faced an ejection after failing the sticky substance check. While he claimed it was rosin, a substance allowed as per MLB rules, the umpires thought otherwise. The match officials reckoned that German’s hand felt the “stickiest” he had ever seen, which clearly indicated that he was using something other than rosin. Hence, after necessary checks and warnings, the umpires ejected him for the rest of the game. Further, after a thorough investigation, the league handed him a 10-day suspension which is set to end this week.

After serving a 10-day suspension over the excess use of foreign substances, Yankees pitcher Domingo German is all set to return to the mound on Monday. As he gears up for return, the pitcher still remains unsure about the sticky substance rule. The pitcher has sought clarity from the MLB over the acceptable limit of the use of rosin. German further added that he would go back to his old self, wherein he used less to no rosin at all. Moreover, as summer are approaching, his hands will sweat a lot. Hence, he will try to use the sweat to grip the ball and avoid using rosin to the best of his ability. Lastly, Domingo German took responsibility for his actions by admitting that he put the team in jeopardy when they needed him the most. Regardless, the pitcher has learned his lesson and will come back stronger than ever.

Yankees Will Practice Self-Check To Avoid Further Sticky Substance-Related Issues

Yankees-Domingo German
New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German (0) hands the ball to manager Aaron Boone. / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

In a span of one week, two of the Yankees pitcher underwent a sticky substance check. While Domingo German faced suspension, Clarke Schmidt was left off the hook. Regardless, the Yankee’s image has taken a hit over the whole fiasco. Hence, the team will now perform self-checks before the pitcher takes the mound.

The skipper, Aaron Boone, has asked the bullpen and coached them to stay vigilant and alert. Each pitcher taking the mound must get checked by the team before he arrives on the mound. He should only be allowed to move ahead of the passes the self-checks. Let’s see if these tactics actually work, as the umpire’s decision largely remains subjective.