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Yankees Captain Aaron Judge Has A Message For His Home Run Chase Competitor Pete Alonso

New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, earned the nickname “Home Run King” after a stellar season in 2022. The slugger smashed record high 62 home runs in 2022 and became the undisputed owner of the home run record. He surpassed Roger Maris to become the only player in the history of MLB to have scored 62 homers in a single season.

Speaking of his season, the Yankees captain has added 15 home runs to his tally despite missing ten days of action due to injury, which is impressive. Still, he is a little behind in the home run chase. Moreover, Aaron Judge has got a new competitor this season who might outclass him to snatch the ultimate record of hitting the most homers from Judge. However, the Yankees captain remains least bothered and sent out a few encouraging pieces of advice to the hitter chasing the 60-homer mark.


Aaron Judge Speaks On Mets Star Pete Alonso’s Home Run Record Chase

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge on improving his game Braves @ Yankees

New York Mets’ first baseman, Pete Alonso, remains in the form of his life this MLB season. So far, in 54 game appearances, the baseman has hit .341 with 20 home runs and 46 RBIs. Alonso is currently leading the home run chart, with the undisputed record holder, Aaron Judge, being just behind him with 15 hits. Moreover, Pete is following Judge’s 2022 trajectory and looks poised to reach the golden 60-home run mark at his pace. Regardless, the Yankees captain is unfazed after seeing his record under threat. Instead, the slugger has gone on to send his good wishes to Pete.

In an interview with New York Post, Aaron Judge was asked to share his thoughts on Mets star Pete Alonso’s dream run. Judge was asked if he felt any kind of threat with Pete’s fiery form. To this, the Yankees captain humbly responded, saying Alonso’s meteoric rise was good for the game and the city of New York. Further, Judge offered a piece of advice to his state rival so that he could achieve his ultimate goal of scoring over 60 homers in 2023. Judge said Pete Alonso needed to keep his blinders on and stay focused. The slugger feels that the season is long, and it’s easy to get distracted after a certain period of time. That is when your dedication and resilience as a batter are put to the test. Hence, if Pete can maintain consistency, he remains capable of breaking Aaron Judge’s home run record.

Pete Alonso Becomes The First One To Slam 20 Homers In 2023 Season

Pete Alonso

New York Mets’ star first baseman, Pete Alonso, remains in the form of his life. In just 53 games, the batter has entered an elite list. On Saturday, Alonso slammed his 20th home run of the season against the Colorado Rockies. With that hit, the baseman becomes the first hitter of the ongoing season to reach the mark of 20 homers. He also leads the league in the home run tally with a three-hit lead over Jorge Soler of the Miami Marlins.

Regardless, breaking the record of Aaron Judge remains a task in itself. It’s just the second month, and the season is still way too long. For Pete Alonso to breach the 60-homer mark, he has to stay consistent and, most importantly, injury free. Pete must play the maximum number of games of the 162 to achieve his goal. Not only that, but the competition in the league is also soaring with each passing day. Hence, the baseman must be on his toes all the time.