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Darvin Ham Will Use Four Day Break To Make Changes In The Roster As LeBron James Unlikely To Return

Despite having big players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers are gravely struggling this season. The team\’s situation is looking no better than the humiliating last year. Out of their first thirteen games, the franchise has only managed to win three. And one of the things that have contributed greatly to their struggles is the back-and-forth injury concerns for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 

However, in the last game against the Nets, the team was in purple and Gold, and they finally ended thier dry spell of 5 winless games. Anthony Davis was the biggest positive for the team scoring 37 points. Meanwhile, now the Lakers have a four-day break before their next game, which might just be the thing they need. 


How Will Darvin Ham Laker\’s Four-Day Break?


This week, the Los Angeles Lakers are on a long rest after obtaining a crucial victory against the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night. Prior to their Friday game against the Detroit Pistons, the Lakers have four days to relax and train. LeBron James and other players like him could certainly use this time to recover. Meanwhile, before their regular film and practice sessions, head coach Darvin Ham spelled out the strategy during the short break, including individual training.

After the game, coach Ham said that he wanted the players to take Monday off to unwind and refuel before continuing the training. He then intends to enjoy a combo day on Tuesday. This brings the men in individually, helps them acquire what they need from the weight room, spend some time working with our instructors, and work out. Next, the team practices for their attack and defense are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday after that. And finally, the LA Lakers and Detroit Pistons will play each other on Friday night following a four-day break.

Darvin Ham And LBJ

With more time to prepare his team before their upcoming set of games, a new head coach like Ham should only benefit his team. Along with James, the Lakers are also anticipating the debuts of Thomas Bryant and Dennis Schroder in the 2022–23 season, so the additional rest is a huge benefit.

It looks like Ham\’s choice to remove Russell Westbrook from the bench has undoubtedly been his greatest move so far. Westbrook does appear to have more vitality now, even though there haven\’t been many victories as of yet. That ought to raise his trading worth, at the very least. Given the squad he manages, Ham has a challenging task ahead of him. The coach will undoubtedly continue to draw attention. But he is approaching the job positively.

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