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Being the head coach of a high-profile tea like the Los Angeles Lakers is not an easy task. Apart from working on technical aspects of the team, coach some also handle the off-court drama for a team. Recently, Lakers man Darvin Ham got a taste of this.

Darvin Ham Handles The Drama!

Prior to the team\’s home debut on Thursday, the team\’s first-year head coach Darvin Ham used the opportunity to address the questions-raising remarks made by Russell Westbrook and LeBron James two nights earlier. After Russell Westbrook and LeBron James\’ postgame remarks the previous two nights raised some eyebrows, Darvin Ham addressed them on Thursday night.

Darvin Ham

Westbrook, 33, had just been reinstated by Ham into the starting lineup for Golden State on Tuesday night. Coming off the bench in Sacramento late last week during the preseason finale, Westbrook claimed after the game, definitely might have contributed\” to his hamstring issue. When asked how he understood the remarks, Darvin Ham responded gravely that neither he nor the team would ever put a player in danger of harm. Then, when Westbrook started the game against the Clippers again, he claimed to have had a brief conversation with him.

Ham also addressed several criticisms James had made about the roster\’s composition. LeBron James made repeated statements about how the Lakers are not a club built around outstanding shooting after the team went 10 for 40 from 3-point range against the Warriors. The Lakers had the highest shot efficiency of all four teams that competed on Tuesday night, according to Darvin Ham, who used a Second Spectrum measure dubbed \”QSQ.\” Ham claimed he didn\’t find James\’ remarks offensive. However, he is making an effort to motivate his team. So they don\’t object when an open look is presented to them.

How Can Lakers Improve Their Shooting?


The Los Angeles Lakers shooting problems persisted throughout the 2022–23 season\’s opening night. Just 28.6% of L.A.\’s 3-point attempts were made in the period before the start of the new season. Giving credence to concerns that their lack of shooters on the team may come back to bother them in 2022–2023. When asked how the Lakers might sharpen their aim, Ham responded that his players must continue to put in the extra practice time.

Darvin Ham stated, \”We just got to continue to get the reps. Get them up and practice. Get them up at shootaround. You know, individual workouts.\” He also added, Guys just got to step up and knock down shots. It\’s nothing to be explained in that regard.

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