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Daniel Ricciardo returned to his previous home Red Bull after a long time as their third or reserve driver. Everybody likes the Aussie for his amicable attitude. The drivers on the Formula One grid call him the “Joker.” Apparently, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are very close friends. That was a reason why Horner brought him back. The idea might have been to close the communication gap between the drivers in Red Bull. Checo and Max have confirmed their place in Red Bull as the main drivers.

Max Verstappen is out of the question of sitting down to make way for the Aussie. The Dutchman is unstoppable and is leading the chart at the end of the first three Grands Prix of the 2023 season. Verstappen is gearing up to win his third consecutive title in F1. On the other hand, Checo could have been an option for Daniel Ricciardo, whose place he could take. However, after Sergio Perez won in Saudia Arabia and currently is holding the 2nd position in the F1 standings, it is unlikely that Red Bull might think about replacing him. Instead, the team should help both drivers to go for it.


Daniel Ricciardo Will Drive RB19 Later This Year

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull Source: GQ

Red Bull and F1 fans are excited to see an exciting battle between Checo and Max for the current season’s driver’s world championship. Hence the question remains if Daniel Ricciardo has to return to driving a Red Bull car, then who can he replace? Meanwhile, looking at the tight situation of the standings, it is possible that the Aussie should not expect to drive RB19 any time soon. Ricciardo was the golden boy of the Austrian team once upon a time. However, that is Max Verstappen now. In his previous tenure with Red Bull, the Aussie won as many as seven races. Later, Daniel moved to Renault and McLaren, where he could not find the desired outcome. But what happened in the past is old news.

The Honey Badger is back to Red Bull. Right now, Ricciardo is mainly serving the purpose of helping the team with extensive simulator testing. Meanwhile, Red Bull Boss Christian Horner has assured the Aussie fans that Daniel Ricciardo might actually drive RB19 later this year. Horner said a few months ago that even if Daniel is not driving, he is the most popular in F1. According to Red Bull boss, it is good to have him on the team, spreading positivity and contributing however he can. Horner said, “Daniel will need to rediscover his passion for driving. But currently, he is embracing his new role.”

The Aussie Is Enjoying In Red Bull More Than He Did In McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo McLaren
Daniel Ricciardo back in McLaren days

Sergio Perez’s contract is expiring after the end of the 2024 season. So, only time will tell if the Honey Badger gets to be the main driver of the team then. Other than the curiosity when the Aussie gets to drive in a Grand Prix, the whole F1 community is aware that the Red Bull trio are party animals.

Max, Checo, and Daniel like to have fun whenever they can. With McLaren, Ricciardo was able to drive but was not happy with the team. At least with Red Bull, he is enjoying his time in F1. Daniel Ricciardo needs to hold on to this opportunity to be able to drive the Red Bull car once again.