The popular Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has been an integral part of McLaren’s Formula One setup for several seasons. However, as all good things must come to an end, Ricciardo and McLaren are also parting ways after the 2022 season of Formula One.

Ricciardo Set To Leave McLaren!

Daniel Ricciardo will no longer be a part of McLaren after the 2022 Formula One season, according to numerous press reports. Premature termination of the three-year agreement was decided upon following several rumors. The Woking-based business is negotiating a different agreement with Oscar Piastri for the 2023 campaign. And as a reserved driver for the Alpine team, the latter is presently embroiled in a contract dispute.

According to the terms of the contract that was signed when Ricciardo joined McLaren from Renault in 2021, the Australian driver had the final choice on whether or not he would complete the final year. McLaren was expecting a certain kind of performance from Daniel Ricciardo, but it was not to be. Ricciardo has had nothing but a frustrating season with McLaren, despite defeating his colleague Lando Norris to win the Italian Grand Prix last year.

Recently, the driver admitted on social media that he was not aware of what lay ahead for him. His British-based team also decided to call it quits a year early due to his underwhelming performance. And because of his two years at McLaren, which were generally unsuccessful, Ricciardo’s reputation has suffered greatly. Nevertheless, he fervently declared his continued love for motorsport and his ambition to rejoin the driving elite. He stated, “I think for the future. What lies ahead, I am not sure yet … I am not sure yet. But we’ll see,” Ricciardo said, breaking the “bittersweet.” 

Is Daniel Ricciardo Retiring?

Ricciardo’s Formula One career has never looked unclear as it does now after the reports confirmed on Wednesday that he and McLaren are separating for good. It’s an amazing turn of events for one of the most skilled and well-liked racers in Formula 1. Since joining the British team 18 months ago, Ricciardo’s reputation has suffered to a great extent. The excellent performance of teammate Lando Norris, who is presently leading Daniel Ricciardo by 57 points in the championship, has made things worse. However, McLaren’s decision to fire the shot was still a startling conclusion to the entire drama.

Apparently, the rumors of Daniel Ricciardo thinking about retirement have been going around all over the internet. However, luckily fans can assume that Ricciardo is not stepping away from motorsport anytime soon. The now McLaren driver has stated on social media, “The sport, I still love it … I still love it. This hasn’t affected any of that. I still have that fire in me and that belief in my belly that I can do this at the highest level.”

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