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D’Angelo Russell Struggling With The Lakers! LeBron James Making It Tough For The Point Guard

The Los Angeles Lakers began the series with an efficient win. However, they soon messed up their lead with a second-game loss in the Fed Ex Forum. The team played like a real champ in the last game. But the Grizzlies’ defense managed to completely choke them with their suffocating defense. And now it looks like the older LA is back, who are used to choking under pressure. Moreover, Memphis Grizzlies did it without their star player Ja Morant on the roster.

It has been a tough road for the Lakers to reach the playoffs this year. Many fans and experts deemed them out as they started with an all-time low 2-10 in the league. But the superstar duo kept putting in work so that the team could at least have the chance of qualifying. And it really paid off when the front office finally decided to make a change in the trade deadline. At first, they did not align with the idea that the team could reach a significant level this year. But at the last of the deadline, they brought in players like D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, and more.


And since then, the Lakers have not been the same lethargic team. With enough depth in the team, it gave all the players the much-needed rest. And D’Angelo Russell has played a key role in the last few months.

The Lakers Struggled In The Second Game Of The Series

Lakers point guard. Source - onesport.ph

It has been a long journey. Every Lakers fan is aware of how long back they are back in business in the league. And they have been working with a very fine margin of errors for the last two months. Otherwise, it would have been very difficult for the team to secure the seventh seed on the table.

Even to qualify for the playoffs, the Lakers had to rise up in the play-in tournament against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This again made their way longer, much longer to make an appearance in the playoffs. And now they started to make the same errors again. D’Angelo Russell is a player added in the trade deadline struggling to find his presence in the team. He even cries out loud about his on-court position because it gets interrupted because of LeBron James. If he keeps struggling, then the head coach who has shown belief in him will have to sit him down.

LeBron James Makes It Tough For The Point Guard

D'Angelo Russell struggling. Source - Los Angeles Times

Playing from the back requires playmaking skills and a person with good ball-handling skills. However, when you are on the same team as LeBron, it is difficult to see enough balls. Therefore the 26-year-old point guard is struggling on the court for the Lakers.

In the modern era of sports, the traditional position is hampered in making the game faster and better. So D’Lo will also have to find a moded solution to his position. Otherwise, the Lakers could lose their chance to go all the way for the title this year also. And LeBron James, who will be willing to leave a legacy behind him, will not appreciate that.