D'Angelo Russell Lakers
D’Angelo Russell Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have always been the victim of injuries in their last few seasons in the NBA. And it is often their best players who stay out because of various long-term injury issues. Although it is not sustainable, the team has put up a good fight this season. However, a win against the Los Angeles Clippers would have given them a sigh of relief. The win on Wednesday would have meant successful possession of the sixth position in the table. But the Lakers failed to accomplish that due to back-to-back schedules and unavoidable injuries.

There is no denying that the Lakers have completely changed themselves and their outlook to finish the league. But the circumstances never seem to take their side, no matter how good they play. After the trade deadline, the team is so good that the only thing they need on their side is luck. Injuries are to be blamed here. It is noted that when their big three are together on the court, they have proven a much better performance than expected. But D’Angelo Russell and LeBron James have been taking each other’s places rather than playing together.

Lakers star LeBron James, left, sits on the bench with the newly acquired (from left) D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt and Malik Beasley (Los Angeles Lakers) (Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

D’Angelo Russell On His Foot Injury

The NBA seasons are long and hectic, and it does not take it easy on anyone. As the season approaches the end, all the players in the league suffer from some kind of injury or soreness at least. The same thing happened with Russell in the game against the Clippers, where his foot soreness caught him out of nowhere. Many fans were even curious about what had caused him that injury as he was fine when the game began. So explaining his situation, he said, “Definitely something to manage. Just wear and tear, long season.

The Lakers’ whole team seemed lethargic alongside the injured players because of their tight schedule. As we edge closer toward the postseason, LA will need their best players well-rested and recovered. If they fail to bring their big three with fresh legs, the postseason will reign tough on them.

Reasons Why Lakers Should Have Won Against The Clippers

The reasons are not just that they have been losing for a long time now to their city rivals. And it was not even to satisfy their fans, who are tired of seeing them lose against their neighbors. But they needed to win so that they could have time off before the postseason began. If they end their season in 7th position, they will have to fight for the playoffs in the play-in tournament. And a week off would have served the team well, looking at the situation they are bundled in.

(Los Angeles Lakers) Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If they had managed the win against Clippers, they would have secured the playoff spot. But now they will have to depend on other teams to make a slip in the last two games remaining in the league. This means there is no guarantee, and it is no more in the hands of the 2020 champions.