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Priyanshu Raidas


LeBron James Claims “Health” Is The Only Concern Affecting Lakers’ Squad & Their Game

It might be harsh, but the Los Angeles Lakers brought it upon themselves whatever they are facing currently. There is no smoke when there is no fire. The way they performed at the beginning of the season, they had it coming all along the way. But no one can deny what an outstanding job they have done to dig up from the bottom of the table. The journey from a disastrous start of 2-10 to rising up to the 7th seed in the Western Conference is commendable. But the trouble has followed the Lakers like always.

Many experts out there are bidding on LA to win it all, even after considering all the circumstances. This could be one of many outcomes, but it would mean that the purple and gold will have to be perfect from here on. Although it seems like a good idea on paper, the team knows how hard they will have to push to make it happen. But the superstar duo is ready and says they are tired of resting. So, this conveys the level of motivation in the Lakers’ dressing room at the moment. But if one looks at things practically, it is going to be one hell of a route from here.


Just Injuries In The Way Of Another Ring?

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The superstar duo has managed to win the championship in 2020 in a much tighter situation. And that shows their caliber that they have the potential to do it again. Moreover, the team is much better compared to what they had two years ago. Players like D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Austin Reaves, and Jarred Vanderbilt have had much more impact after coming to the team. These are the quality players that the duo wanted around them to succeed, and they did.

But can the two remain healthy? This is the million-dollar question of the week. To play against the Clippers, the two had to discuss whether they would play or not. The two even played only limited minutes to save themselves for the postseason. LeBron has recently returned from the injury. But the reports suggest that he hurried his recovery to help his team out.

LeBron James Not Happy After The Lakers Loss

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Although it was a losing battle against the Los Angeles Clippers, the 38-year-old does not seem happy. “Wherever we end up, that’s where we end up,” said LeBron after the game. He even struggled to catch his pace in the first half of the game. However, he soon matched his pace to score 33 points on the night.

The four-time champ also realizes that there is no point in throwing tantrums. Instead, be ready for the next battle whenever or however it happens. This is the mindset that James will bring in the upcoming games. And it will be interesting to see how long the Lakers will go this season.