Mercedes used to rule the F1 grid at one point in time. But that period or era is part of history and seems to be quite ancient at this point. During the turbo-hybrid era, the Silver Arrows always enjoyed the benefit of having the most superior cars of each season. For eight years, there was no stopping the hegemony of the German team. The other two powerhouses, Red Bull and Ferrari, tried their best but failed every year in the turbo-hybrid era. As a result, that period is also called “The Mercedes era,” fondly by the fans. However, to the utter dismay of the Lewis Hamilton fans as well as Mercedes fans in general, since 2022, they have completely lost their grip on the title.

Toto Wolff’s team has stopped dominating the grid because they just don’t have the fastest car anymore. On the other hand, it is the time of Red Bull domination. But Mercedes has fallen really far behind due to a lot of issues with their car. As a result, they have managed to win only one race since 2022. Last year, they finished winless. Lately, Damon Hill, the 1996 F1 World Champion, mentioned Mercedes is trying to figure out why there’s a “Disconnect” between their simulation tools and the reality. 


What Damon Hill Said About The Struggles Of Mercedes?

Martin Brundle Damon Hill Sky Sports F1 Pundits
Martin Brundle Damon Hill Sky Sports F1 Pundits Source: Sky Sports

Recently, in a discussion on the F1 Nation podcast, Damon Hill talked about why Mercedes is finding it hard to “Join the fight at the very front.” In the last Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, the Silver Arrows came out without any points. Due to engine failures, both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell suffered misfortunes. Damon Hill pointed out Toto Wolff agreeing with the argument that they are still unable to understand the car. It is still the same before and after the Australian Grand Prix. Moreover, Hill added that Wolff tried to say, “We have not taken a stupid pill yet.” Instead of progressing, Mercedes is still falling backward.

Moreover, Hill said Wolff wants anybody with good ideas to go and talk to him. The 1996 F1 World Champion believes that the state of play at Mercedes right now. Moreover, Hill said the German team is missing a trick as they got three goals at it but have not quite worked out anything so far. On top of that, Hill said the car always looks on edge and brutal to drive. Also, Hill mentioned whenever the team is trying to get performance out of the car, it gets very harsh and very bouncy. That’s why Hill suspects the simulation results might be misleading the German team. Perhaps there is a “Disconnect.”

The 1996 F1 Champion Wonders Why Toto’s Team Keeps Coming With Optimistic Statements

Toto Wolff Mercedes
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

Damon Hill noted that he is beginning to wonder that Mercedes has got something disconnected in there. Prior to the races, the Brackley team feels positive that the car is going in the right direction. But Hill said, “When they get on track, the car just does not work.” Moreover, Hill admits that he is not an engineer but a former racing driver.

However, he knows that there are many restrictions on testing and “Actual running of their car on a track,” which influence the F1 teams and their car development process. Hence, they have to use simulators because they can’t do real-life experiments. Hill wonders if the information coming from these simulations is misleading them.

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