The wait is almost over as the Lakers are set to return to the court in less than a week. After the disappointing run in the last season, all eyes will be on the Lakers as they try to stage a comeback heading into the 22-23 NBA season. However, there are a few questions that the Purple and Gold franchise will have to answer. Regarding the team play and the tactics, the team\’s head coach Darvin Ham has discussed their strategy for the season to come. But what is that? Keep reading to find out. 

Coach Darvin Ham\’s Plan For The Upcoming Season

The Los Angeles Lakers are keen to improve upon their 33-49 record from the previous campaign. Last season, the Lakers suffered from a variety of concerns, including horrible fit problems and a general lack of top-tier players. As a result, they were knocked out before the postseason. Now, head coach Darvin Ham will likely focus on rebuilding the team\’s identity after it was damaged during the dismal campaign of the previous year.

Head Coach Darvin Ham

The Lakers head coach spoke with the media on the first day of the team\’s practice session. Ham discussed his plans for the team and his expectation from them if the Lakers were to have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. Ham revealed that the team went through a presentation and discussed the tone and the role of players in the team\’s strategy and how they play the game. During the conversation, Darvin Ham also said that he had planted the seeds of what the Lakers team in the 2022-23 season would like.

Lakers supporters will be hoping that Ham\’s seeds bear fruit as soon as possible. Even though Russell Westbrook spent the whole summer as the subject of trade rumors, Darvin Ham feels upbeat about him. However, there is still a possibility that the Lakers\’ deal with the Washington Wizards will succeed if Westbrook follows his coach\’s advice.

Anthony Davis Has a New Approach For The 2022 Season!

Anthony Davis

One of the key reasons behind the LA Lakers\’ struggles last year was the long-running injury concerns for Anthony Davis. Over the past two seasons, Davis has been spending more time on the bench than he did on the court. Now, Davis is aiming to take up a new approach to minimize the risk of injuries. He stated, \”We\’re treating this season like we have a chip on our shoulder.\” Davis also said that he believes that the Lakers are the underdogs this season.

The fact that Davis was internalizing some of his on-court difficulties may not have been obvious. But people are aware that he might have improved much the previous season. We hope his preseason attitude translates into the regular season and postseason success.

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