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After putting up a fabulous performance in earlier races, Max Verstappen arrived at the Singapore GP as the favorite to win the Grand Prix and seal the world championship then and there. However, Singapore did not turn out as per the expectations for Verstappen. In the main race on Sunday, Verstappen finished in seventh place, while his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez surprisingly grabbed the top track position. This came as a shock for both the team and Verstappen. And recently, team boss Christian Horner has talked about the race, saying that the dutchman was carrying a \’big wound\’.

Christian Horner Explaining Max Verstappen\’s Frustration

Christian Horner stated that he was exhilarated by Sergio Perez winning his finest race in Singapore. The team captain did, however, express sympathy for Max Verstappen. Max qualified eighth and came in seventh, both of which were uncharacteristically difficult performances for him. He was also seen collapsing to the ground after the Singapore Grand Prix, clearly weary. Horner admitted that Red Bull\’s driver had suffered a serious injury due to the qualifying accident.


Horner said, \”Yesterday was the huge wound for today,\” in reference to Verstappen\’s fuel problem in qualifying. He told the media that Verstappen was having a difficult day. According to Christian Horner, Max Verstappen started the race from the wrong position. He had been quite patient during the race while driving aggressively. Max had competed with all of his heart, and Horner anticipated a big comeback from the champion.

Max Verstappen might have won the Singapore Grand Prix and been crowned the world champion for the second time, thanks to his commanding lead in the Formula 1 standings. The Red Bull driver, though, qualified in eighth place on the Marina Bay grid, which was disappointing. However, Christian Horner understood that the defending World Champion was running low on fuel.


Sadly, Verstappen had everything going for him when he came to Singapore on the weekend of his 25th birthday with an active sequence of five straight victories and modesty. But not entirely irrational, aspirations of securing the championship.

However, Red Bull\’s mistake in qualifying involving a fuel deficit caused him to drop from a potential pole position start to eighth on the grid, ending any aspirations of a podium finish. He ultimately came in seventh. Now, in order to secure the driver\’s championship, Verstappen must triumph and record the fastest lap at Suzuka. Even still, Red Bull is in first place among the constructors as they head to Japan for the next weekend.

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