Christian Horner and Adrian Newey

The storm at Milton Keynes is far from over as the struggle to retain key personnel continues. Adrian Newey’s departure has sparked a flurry of rumors and speculation, suggesting a potential mass exodus at RBR. Such a departure could significantly affect the team’s performance and dynamics. The rumors also indicate that their sporting director, Jonathan Wheatley, is considering other options. However, Red Bull’s Formula 1 team remains calm, confident that everything is ‘alright.’ 

Christian Horner, the team principal, believes the team is standing together as they aim to extend their domination. Newey’s exit and power struggle will not affect RBR’s performance, as they have people to take the baton. While these claims from Horner have sparked a streak of rumors, fans view it as an attempt to hide the clutter. 


We Have A Structure To Extend Success, Says Horner

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Adrian Newey’s unexpected departure has stirred up a lot of controversy, indicating problems behind the scenes at Red Bull. Furthermore, replacing Newey will not be straightforward. He is one of the most accomplished car designers, having won championships for Williams, Red Bull, and McLaren. The British aerodynamics expert played a crucial role in Red Bull’s domination. While the aero wizard insists on taking a break from F1, reports are hinting that Ferrari will be his next destination. However, Christian Horner feels he had foreseen Newey’s decision. According to Horner, with almost 35 years in F1, the Briton decided to step aside. 

Moreover, his departure is not a sign of worry for the Milton Keynes-based outfit as their team principal believes in the strength of others. The team has a ‘structure capable of carrying forward the baton,’ said Horner. While the F1 world believes the internal unrest was the reason for Newey’s exit, Horner has a different theory. The spearhead reaffirmed his close relationship with the CTO. Further, he clarified Newey’s role for the remaining tenure, and his focus would be on developing the RB17 hypercar. While answering the question about Newye’s F1 future, Horner dismissed the rumors of the veteran engineer joining a new team. He feels the Briton,65, would take a break and enjoy his life outside the racing track. 

Sergio Perez Acknowledges Newey’s Impact Beyond Design in Team Success 

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However, Sergio Perez has a different perspective. Even though the Red Bull racing team rarely experienced setbacks, Adrian Newey’s experience proved invaluable when they did. In a recent YouTube video by Red Bull, Perez praised Newey, applauding his efforts on challenging days. According to Perez, Newey would guide them, and suddenly, the outlook for the race weekend would change. He further lauded Newey as “more than a designer,” highlighting the CTO’s unwavering commitment to the team’s success. 

While Red Bull management appears nonchalant by the departure, only time will reveal its potential consequences.