Adrian Newey with Sergio Perez an Max Verstappen

Adrian Newey is among the most celebrated technical experts. He is an asset to any team with over four decades of motorsports experience. However, his shocking departure from Red Bull has raised questions about the team’s future. The Briton, 65, had an exceptional track record, helping the team win thirteen world titles. With the veteran car designer set to leave, the team members are sharing their opinions about the entire situation. 

Recently, during the Miami GP, Red Bull was seen struggling. This is not a common sight in F1, as the team has been reigning the circuit since 2021. Max Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, is concerned about Newey’s exit. He has shared his thoughts and outlook on the RBR’s future. 


‘Newey Was More Than A Designer,’ Says Perez

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The year was 2021, and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen locked horns with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. While Hamilton was aiming for his eighth world title, Verstappen was yet to win the championship. The controversial decision at Abu Dhabi crowned the Dutchman with his maiden world championship. Since then, the Milton Keynes-based outfit has been remarkable, dominating the circuit. Max Verstappen may be seen as the protagonist, rightly so, but behind his success, it’s the technical team and Adrian Newey who truly shines as the unsung heroes. Since the introduction of ground-effect in 2022, Newey, with his genius tactics, propelled Red Bull to dominance. After his departure, his fellow mates recently proclaimed that Red Bull will continue to shine even in the absence of the aero wizard. 

However, Sergio Perez thinks otherwise. While the Red Bull racing team had not witnessed gloomy days, Occasionally, when they did, Newey’s experience saved the day. In a recent YouTube video of Red Bull, Checco praised Adrian Newey. He hailed Newey’s efforts on the days when the team was down. The Brit would then guide them, and suddenly, the weekend race seemed different. He further glorified Newey as “more than a designer,” emphasizing the CTO’s unwavering commitment to the team’s success. While the team has retained Pierre Wache, observing how he manages the team in Newey’s absence will be intriguing.

Newey’s Next Move- Potential Options For A New Advent

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The Red Bull chief technical officer will be able to leave the setup after April 2025. While the team’s internal power struggle was the reason for his departure, rivals would spare no expense to hire him. With experience, Newey is also familiar with RBR’s work culture, thus making him a perfect pick for their rivals. 

Hence, several elite teams are vying to sign him. However, at 65, the Briton wouldn’t like to lead a full-fledged program. He would instead prefer a consultation role. Hence, his move to Ferrari might be a possibility. However, rumors suggest Aston Martin is in the race to pursue the aero wizard. Moreover, time will tell what Adrian Newey’s next adventure will be.