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Adrian Newey will bid farewell to Red Bull Racing after the first quarter of the 2025 season. After serving 20 years of his life in Milton Keynes, Newey chose to move on. However, the actual reasons behind the sudden and shocking move are yet to be known.

While Red Bull may present a united front, things are not settled inside the camp, and that is certain given the media attacks the key personnel have thrown at one another. In fresh evidence of a rift, team principal Christian Horner contradicted Adrian Newey after the latter shared his views on regulation changes.


Adrian Newey Happy To Work Around Regulation Changes, While Christian Horner Claims Otherwise

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Red Bull Racing’s outbound chief technical officer, Adrian Newey, shed light on his experience of working around the current ground effect regulation changes. Newey said that the present ground effect regulations are the biggest changes the sport had witnessed since 1983 when flat-bottom floors came into the picture. However, he, in fact, enjoyed the challenges despite the fear of the unknown. “I really enjoyed the challenge of all the research and detail design of that car,” said Newey while talking to Sky Sports F1. The aero wizard admitted further that he wasn’t sure about getting his assessment right when the regulations were announced. But he’s glad to have perfected the car, which has been the backbone of RB’s success.

However, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner threw shade at Adrian Newey by dismissing his views. While talking on Sky Sports, Horner said ironically, Newey hates regulation changes, and that’s something every team member at large knows. Horner also opined that tackling regulation changes in these modern times is always difficult with cost caps in place, which limits resources. It is just another example of how RB has been divided since the death of the company founder back in 2021. The disagreements and differences in opinions are now open, and washing dirty laundry in public is not ideal for any organization, let alone the drink-based racing outfit. Regardless, Newey has made peace with the current state and quietly chose to move as he does not wish to be a part of the circus anymore.

Fred Vasseur Hints At Adrian Newey’s Potential Move To Ferrari

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Since Adrian Newey announced his monumental exit from Red Bull, rumors of his switch to Ferrari have been rife all over the internet. Speculations suggest that Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur took a trip to London to meet Newey in person, and he jetted off with a signed deal, which is expected to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, Fred Vasseur was recently mobbed by fans and media persons on the streets of Italy the other day and a reporter shouted expressing his desire to see Adrian Newey in the red team. To this, Vasseur smiled and called the reporter naughty. However, his wide and sneaky smile was enough for fans to draw conclusions about Newey’s next steps in F1.

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