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Christian Edward Johnston Horner, also known as Christian Horner, is a known name in Formula One circuit. The former race car driver is currently the principal of the Red Bull racing company. Being a boss brings in a lot of responsibilities, along with bags of money. So, if you are also curious about how much wealth Red Bull Principal owns, keep reading as we discuss Christian Horner\’s net worth, early life, and career. 


Christian Horner\’s management career has been upward since he retired as a racecar driver in 1999. In the FIA 3000 season, Horner started his career with Arden, and in just his second season, his team won three races and finished second overall. Additionally, he guided his Arden squad to the 2002 Team Championship before guiding them to the championship defense the following year. Christian Horner expressed interest in joining Formula One in 2004 by negotiating the Jordan Grand Prix team purchase from Eddie Jordan. In contrast, Red Bull bought the Jaguar F1 Team in November 2004 and named Horner as the team\’s manager in January 2005 when these discussions broke down.


Horner made an impression right on, and his leadership allowed the squad to get off to a great start. In the first race of the new season, competitors David Coulthard and Christian Klien finished fourth and seventh, respectively, earning them 34 points as opposed to Jaguar\’s nine points in the previous campaign. Adrian Newey, appointed as the team\’s technical officer in November 2000, was another person Horner was instrumental in bringing on board.

From 2009 onward, Horner saw his greatest degree of success at Red Bull Racing.  In the 2009 Constructors\’ Championship, his team finished as the runner up. Meanwhile, in 2010 Sebastian Vettel became the youngest Drivers\’ Champion when Red Bull Racing won the Constructors\’ Championships. Horner led the Redbull team, winning four consecutive titles.

Christian Horner Net Worth!


There\’s little to no doubt that when you have been associated with a team like Redbull for so many Formula One seasons, wealth is a by-product. So is the case with Christian Horner. According to reports, Christian Horner apparently has a net worth of $50 million as of July 2022. Christian Horner\’s substantial pay at Red Bull Racing is largely responsible for his high net worth in 2021. It is estimated that Christian Horner makes $10 million a year at Red Bull Racing. Christian Horner is also an Ambassador for the Wings For Life Foundation.

Christian Horner Takes A Dig At Mercedes!


The heated and occasionally brutal battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen that concluded last season has been going on for a while. The head of Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, though, could not help but poke fun at Mercedes, their bitter rivals. Horner recently chastised George Russell for the way he attempted to pass Sergio Perez at the Austrian Grand Prix, an action that ended the latter\’s campaign.

During a conversation with Sky Sports, Horner mentioned, \”I don\’t think Mercedes like our cars going round the outside at turn four.\” Horner also said, \”It was a shame because Checo, you can see he\’s ahead there and it\’s almost a mirror image with Alex a couple of years ago.\”

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