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The rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes in Formula one has become quite fierce in the past few years. The teams have faced off frequently between 2010 and 2022. The team manager makes a startling admission after the Austrian squad defeated its German rivals in 2022.

Recently, Red Bull Racing\’s team manager, Christian Horner, expressed satisfaction with the team\’s sluggish start to the 2022 season while stationed in Milton Keynes. Horner continued by mentioning this problem and their desire to deliver all in 2021. And assist Max Verstappen in winning his first-ever title, even if this means having a difficult start to the upcoming season.


What Did Christian Horner Say?

On the podcast The Diary of a CEO, Christian Horner discussed the competition between Red Bull and Mercedes. He claimed that he is so pleased with this year because his squad gave last year everything they had, even at the sacrifice of this year. Max Verstappen won his first Formula One world championship in Abu Dhabi following a thrilling finale. Red Bull won the driver\’s championship for the first time in eight years when Sebastian Vettel won his fourth in 2013.


Ferrari maintained its archrivalry with the German team despite appearing to pose a serious threat to Red Bull and Mercedes at times. The Milton-Keynes-based squad won the 2010–2013 season, while the Brackley–based team won the 2014–2020 season. However, the 2021 F1 season witnessed the ultimate fight between the titans. Red Bull\’s Max Verstappen won the driver\’s championship after overcoming Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the final race. In contrast, Mercedes outscored the Bulls by 28 points to win the title.

Horner has further admitted that, even if given the option, he would not cancel them out. He said that competing against a team of their caliber is fun when discussing this and the Mercedes rivalry. They increase the risks and the expectations, which encourages his staff to work more. For the upcoming races, Christian Horner feels optimistic about their chances. After the Japanese Grand Prix, he gave his team compliments. According to Horner, Red Bull\’s current technical staff is the strongest it has ever had. And that is evidence of the labor of love that goes into producing a performance of this caliber.


Max Verstappen won the World Driver\’s Championship for the second time at Suzuka last weekend. However, this time he took the lead a bit earlier. However, the competition for the Constructor\’s Championship is still on. In preparation for the upcoming races, all of the teams will be prepared to fight it out for a favorable place in the constructor\’s ranking. Red Bull does appear to be in the lead, though.

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