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Sergio Perez sits on a ticking time bomb as his stay at Red Bull Racing is extremely short-lived. There is a possibility that the Mexican driver may not even see the end of his contract, which extends till the end of 2024. Under these circumstances, the drink-based outfit has widened its search operation for its second seat.

Daniel Ricciardo, currently with AlphaTauri, remains a hot pick. His previous experience with the team strengthens his case. Moreover, the Australian allegedly moved to the sister team to audition for the prized second seat. However, Red Bull is also seeking outside help and has eyes laid on a thriving young Briton. But is the move possible? Let’s explore.


Christian Horner To Favor In-House Talent Over Lando Norris For Red Bull Second Seat!

Red Bull
Sergio Perez, Lando Norris

Lando Norris is arguably the next big thing waiting to explode in Formula One. He is the best of the young lot and is currently making waves with McLaren. His aggressive driving style, paired with utmost passion and resilience, makes him a great asset for any team to have, including Red Bull. After Sergio Perez came under the radar, rumors flew around the paddock that the drink-based outfit had approached Norris to be Max Verstappen’s next teammate. However, the Briton is under McLaren’s control till 2025, and the former is also committed to adhering to the contract at the same time. Amid raging speculations, team principal Christian Horner dropped a major update on the Bull’s potential plan for the second seat.

Christian Horner said that while Lando Norris is a highly skilled driver, Red Bull would rather look for an in-house talent to fill the second seat. He believes that the drink-based outfit has a wide pool of talents in its junior program. Also, the one who is familiar with the organization would do much better than anyone else. If, at any point, the organization feels its homegrown talent is incapable, it would resort to outside help. But till then, the search would remain restricted within the outfit itself. All things considered, Lando Norris’ potential move to the Bulls seems far-fetched for the near future. Additionally, unlike popular belief, Red Bull is expected to back Checo for the 2024 season.

Lando Norris Advised To Snub Red Bull’s Offer

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri secured a double podium for McLaren in Japan (Getty Images)

Former racing driver Richard Bradley has urged Lando Norris to show some faith in McLaren by rejecting Red Bull’s alleged offer. He says that McLaren has made massive and impressive gains in the second half. They are constantly finishing second and third on the grid, which should be enough to convince Norris not to make the big jump.

Lando has been with McLaren for years and thus knows the ins and outs of the organization. If the team can take a big leap in just one half of the season, imagine what they could do if they picked the right direction from the start of the season. McLaren has the potential to chase Red Bull next year, and thus, Lando Norris should avoid the jump at any cost.