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Aaron Judge is still scratching his head over the things that went wrong this season with the New York Yankees. After all, he signed a nine-year $360 million contract earlier this year, hoping to clinch the World Series title. That was the unfinished business that Judge thinks he owe to the people of New York.

Having said that, the 2023 season turned out to be an absolute nightmare as the Yankees fell out of the postseason race last weekend. They have a lot to look back to and figure out where things actually started to spiral. While the rumor market remains filled with all kinds of speculations, captain Aaron Judge, for instance, is looking to keep his distance.


Aaron Judge Avoids Yankees Organizational Changes Speculations!

Aaron Judge
Sports Illustrated

As per multiple media reports, the New York Yankees will undergo an organizational overhaul during the upcoming off-season. Bob Klapisch of NJ Media recently claimed that franchise owner Hal Steinbrenner is losing his patience and demands answers. Apparently, Steinbrenner is mulling to hire a third-party analytical company to conduct a thorough season review. A part of the said organizational changes could be the sacking of manager Aaron Boone. The skipper has been facing a lot of heat and has only one year left on his existing contract. Not only that, Boone recently confirmed that he has not been told by the Yanks that he will be returning to manage the team in 2024.

Amid speculations, captain Aaron Judge was asked to weigh his thoughts. However, Judge chose to maintain silence and keep his distance. He says that organizational review is not his job. All he can offer is a player’s perspective. “I think what it came down to was just getting hit with a couple of big injuries at the wrong time,” said Judge. The captain believes the rest of the depth’s inability to cover for the injured players also played a significant role in the season’s fallout. Having said that, while Judge refuses to let out details to the media, he will indeed have a substantial vote in the front office discussions next year. The captain is the anchor of the Yankees’ ship and is likely to play a big role in the upcoming organizational review.

Yankees Captain Set Up New Record With Stellar Show Vs. Blue Jays

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge points after hitting a 2-run homer. Twitter NYY

On an individual level, Aaron Judge refuses to slow down. After rejecting the idea of being shut down, the Yankees captain went bonkers vs. the Blue Jays on Wednesday. He slammed two home runs to lift his season tally to 37. Judge has 37 long hits in 103 games. At this pace, he would have put together close to 60 homers in 162 games if it wasn’t for the toe injury.

Additionally, the game happened to be Aaron Judge’s seventh multi-homer game of the season. That makes him the only player in the AL to record that many multi-homer games. It’s safe to say the Yankees captain is a different ball game altogether. The outside noise and criticism failed to get to him as he continued to assert his dominance.