Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing. (Credit: Twitter)

This year’s Mexico Grand Prix was a roller coaster ride for homeboy Sergio Perez. In the middle of a tough season, Checo wanted to woo his home crowd, but his gameplan was put on a halt by ex-Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo. He outqualified Checo in an AlphaTauri to qualify for P4, whereas the homeboy settled for P5.

Things went from bad to worse during the main race on Sunday. Sergio Perez saw his worst nightmare come true as he faced DNF at turn one of the initial lap. Needless to say, Checo was left heartbroken and looked emotional. Meanwhile, his Red Bull teammate, Max Verstappen, who watched the incident closely, explained how Checo’s mistakes led to the DNF.


Max Verstappen Feels Sergio Perez Succumbed Under Pressure At Mexico GP!

Red Bull
Sergio Perez crashed out of the Mexican GP via Sportskeeda

The 2023 season just couldn’t get any worse for Red Bull driver Sergio Perez. With his seat on the line, the Mexican driver faced a DNF at his home grand prix. His weekend in Mexico began on a disappointing note as Daniel Ricciardo swayed past him in an AlphaTauri to secure P4. Regardless, Checo recovered well to start the main race on a solid foot. Before turn one, Perez found himself chasing for the lead with Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc on the inside. However, Checo got ambitious and squeezed in on Leclerc, who had no space as he got sandwiched between two Red Bulls. Leclerc’s Ferrari touched Perez as the latter flew into the gravel, thus marking the end of his home Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez was left heartbroken and seemed extremely emotional back in the garage. Meanwhile, his Red Bull teammate and winner of the Mexico GP, Max Verstappen, shared his take on the incident. He said it was a racing incident, and Checo made an ambitious move. However, he understands where Checo is coming from. Max feels his teammate was perhaps under pressure to attain a podium in front of his home crowd. He made a great move at the start but could have left a little bit more space for Charles, as the Monegasque was in between two RB19s. The Dutchman is convinced that the excitement of home support and adrenaline got the better of Perez, and he had to pay a heavy price. “I think it’s just more like that excitement of wanting to be on the podium, and this time it didn’t work out, unfortunately,” said Max Verstappen.

Red Bull Chief Backs Checo After Mexico GP DNF!

Red Bull
Red Bull chief Christian Horner and Sergio Perez (Image: Dan Mullan – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

In unprecedented times, the entire Red Bull organization has come out to support Sergio Perez. After facing a DNF at his home race, Checo’s shoulder dropped completely, and the Mexican native seemed utterly heartbroken. However, Christian Horner, the team principal, rounded his arms around Checo’s shoulders to give him a pep talk.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Horner said no one can blame Sergio Perez for pouncing on the opportunity. After an electric start, he wanted to capitalize, and that’s what any driver in his place would have wanted to do. But it just wasn’t meant to be. Horner concluded by saying that Perez has been in the business for 13 years. Thus, at a time when he is going through a challenging phase of his career, it’s important for Red Bull to support him.