Akshita Patel

3 Yankees Prospect Likely To Be Sacrificed For Juan Soto’s Blockbuster Deal This Off-Season!

Juan Soto’s trade rumors will likely gain some ground once the off-season kicks in. The New York Yankees have been reserved with their approach so far. But will play their cards at the right moment. All things considered, the Bronx Bombers will certainly go all in to acquire Soto from the San Diego Padres, who want to lower their payroll ahead of the 2024 season.

Having said that, the San Diego Padres are not naive and will demand a significant exchange deal for handing away Juan Soto. They are well versed with the Yankees’ growing farm system and will exploit the same area. Meanwhile, here are three such prospects who could be sacrificed to fulfill Soto’s dream blockbuster pursuit.


1. Everson Pereira

Everson Pereira was 0-for-3 in his MLB debut, but he worked a walk with some close takes and made an outfield assist in left field. AP

Everson Pereira is a talented outfield prospect in the Yankees’ farm system. Known for his excellent defensive skills, Pereira has displayed great promise in his development as a young player. However, the Bombers’ outfield depth and their pursuit of immediate improvements may make him expendable in trade talks. Pereira earned an unexpected chance during the final stretch of the 2023 season, wherein he performed decently. In his 27-game stint, the outfielder posted a .151 batting average. While Pereira remains an exceptional talent, he will have to channel that potential elsewhere. Because the Yanks want to win a World Series now. That leaves little room for Everson to experience steady growth. Thus, Everson Pereira seems to be a confirmed name in Soto’s exchange deal.

2. Will Warren

Will Warren
Photo courtesy Somerset Patriots

Will Warren, a right-handed pitching prospect, has shown potential as a starter in the New York Yankees’ minor league system. He had a 3.35 ERA season across Double-A and Triple-A in 2023 and seemed ready for a debut in 2024. However, the Yankees’ need for immediate outfield upgrades might prompt them to consider including Warren in trade discussions. He is an elite prospect with impressive control over fastballs, sweeper sliders, and changeups. Warren’s inclusion in trade talks could be appealing to the Padres seeking young pitching talent with room for growth. His performance and development in the minor leagues have demonstrated that he has the potential to become a valuable major league pitcher in the near future.

3. Drew Thorpe

Owen Main

Drew Thorpe has witnessed a meteoric rise since the New York Yankees acquired him via the 2022 MLB Draft. He already made waves in high-A Hudson Valley and Double-A Somerset this year and won the South Atlantic League’s Pitcher of the Year. As a lefty, Thorpe brings diversity to the pitching arsenal. While parting with Drew Thorpe could be a controversial move, that’s a price the Yanks have to pay for a generational star like Juan Soto. These high-end prospects will lure the Padres to take the plunge.

Ultimately, the decision to decide on Everson Pereira, Will Warren, and Drew Thorpe’s future lies in the hands of the Yankees front office. Brian Cashman and Co. need to make mindful decisions and put up a reasonable exchange offer. It should be a win-win deal for both sides. For one more time, the fans must trust Brian Cashman to do right by the team. Perhaps the 2023 season debacle must have knocked some sense into him.