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CHECKOUT: Yankees’ Star Pitcher Juan Soto Wants A Reunion With Blake Snell

The New York Yankees acquired generational star Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres in a blockbuster trade deal. Soto has had a successful year with the Padres as he hit his career-best 35-homer season. However, due to a financial crunch, AJ Preller gave in to Brian Cashman’s aggressive pursuit.

That being said, given his stature in the league, Juan Soto’s influence cannot be underscored. This time around, Soto is using his voice to endorse a former teammate who is, in fact, a free agent on New York Yankees radar. Will the Yankees give in to Soto’s recommendation? Or make a hard pass on the coveted pitcher?


Juan Soto Likes The Idea Of Having Blake Snell In Bronx

Blake Snell
Blake Snell poses at spring training. (K.C. Alfred/The San Diego Union-Tribune)

It’s barely been two weeks since Juan Soto joined forces with the New York Yankees for spring training. So far, the generational slugger seems to be enjoying his time. However, Soto still seems to be attached to some of his former colleagues at San Diego Padres, including Blake Snell. The two-time CY Young pitcher entered free agency this off-season and still remains without a contract. While the Yankees have their eyes on Snell, the pitcher’s ambitious ask has been a roadblock so far. Regardless, Juan Soto is completely excited by the rumors of having the opportunity to reunite with Snell in the Bronx. In a recent conversation with the New York Post, Soto added how having two reigning CY Young pitchers on a rotation would be a cool thing for the Yankees.

Juan Soto also endorsed Blake Snell, saying how good of a teammate he is. “He’s always right there, cheering for his teammates. He’s a funny guy, too. He’s great in the clubhouse,” said Soto. However, the generational star’s wishes for a reunion are unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon. Snell’s adamant on his ask of a $270 million/short-term contract with multiple opt-outs and higher AAV. On the flip side, Hal Steinbrenner has a payroll to attend to, which has already surpassed the highest CBT tax threshold of $297 million this year. Thus, the monetary constraints and adamant approach from the two sides have stalled the negotiation process. While Soto and the Yankee fans are hopeful of a breakthrough, the odds of Snell coming to New York in the near future seem slime. Moreover, time is running out for Scott Boras to reach an agreement to make sure Blake Snell doesn’t miss the season.

Soto Addresses His Impending Free Agency Situation

Juan Soto

Juan Soto is set to become a free agent by the end of the ongoing season. He is unlikely to re-sign with the Yankees, given how his market value has soared over $500 million. Speaking on the upcoming situation, Soto says he does not pay any heed to the market dynamics.

To figure out the best deal for him is his agent, Scott Boras’s job. Juan Soto revealed that he trusts Boras to the death as he has been with him since he was a little kid. Soto added that with Boras by his side, he had nothing to worry about and could play baseball freely without any pressure of free agency.

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