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CHECKOUT: Yankees Manager Explains Why Their Captain Aaron Judge Is Great In Every Aspect!

Aaron Judge is the biggest hope of the New York Yankees ahead of every season. In the last eight years, the NY side’s captain has proved that he is one of the greats of the game. He won the 2022 American League MVP because he broke the home run record in AL regular season games. Moreover, in 2022, the captain of the Bronx Bombers slugged 62 homers. He is a multiple-time All-Star. Moreover, the 2022 AL MVP has been famous for his big-time power. Before breaking the AL homer record in 2022, Judge made a name for himself for his hitting prowess in his rookie season back in 2017.

Aaron Judge slugged 52 homers in 2017, which was then an MLB record for a rookie. Later, Pete Alonso surpassed him in 2019. Moreover, the Yankees captain is an inspiration for aspiring baseball players because of his philanthropic activities. However, that’s just not the only reason why he is one of the greats of the game. The manager of the Bronx Bombers recently told Heavy Sports the real reason why Judge is so great. And what makes each player great.


Why Aaron Boone Thinks The Yankees Captain Is A Great Player?

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Everybody in MLB knows the great hitter that Aaron Judge is and expects to see more fireworks from him every season. But Aaron Boone believes there is something more to the team’s captain other than his big-time power. Recently, in an interview with Heavy Sports, the Yankees skipper mentioned Aaron Judge just loves the game. It is important for great players to fall in love with their respective games. There are talented people around. And sure, Aaron Judge is one of them. But the thing that Judge has a little more than other talented players is the love and passion for the sport. Aaron Boone mentioned that the Yankees captain shows his love for the game every single day.

The young boy from Linden, California, has always been in love with baseball. That love never went missing when he moved to Fresno State and, finally, to the Yankees. The NY side selected Judge in the first round of the amateur draft in 2013. What Judge does best is combining skills with passion. That’s the reason why he has been a five-time All-Star and has been a recipient of the Silver Slugger awards on three occasions. Moreover, the Yankees manager feels the secret is what Judge does behind the scenes, that’s more admirable for a great sportsman.

Aaron Judge Works Really Hard Behind-The-Scenes

Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Boone Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NJ.com

Moreover, Aaron Boone mentioned, “Playing is the sexy part of the game.” But what adds more value is the little things that a player does to prepare themselves all year long. And Boone said that Aaron Judge loves doing that. Generally, Scouts say that “Mental makeup is the sixth tool of a player.” That goes well along with the skills for slugging average, run, power, throw, and field. Moreover, Aaron Boone said the makeup of the Yankees captain is “Off the charts.”

Adding to that, the Yankees manager mentioned that people generally see a gentle giant, very humble on the outside. But Boone gets to see the killer instinct of Aaron Judge all the time. Moreover, the manager praised the work ethic as well as the toughness of Aaron Judge and called him the “Ultimate teammate.” That’s why whoever played alongside Judge Boone feels they love and revere him. 

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