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CHECKOUT: Yankees’ Fans Urged To Keep Expectations In Check Ahead Of Winter Meetings!

Winter meetings of the ongoing off-season are set to commence next week, and speculations over New York Yankees alleged moves are at their peak. Almost every other major free agency name has been linked to the team in the past weeks. This, in turn, has garnered massive attention from the fans.

After an abysmal 82-80 record season, the Yankee fanbase expects a better performance from the front office this off-season. They expect Hal Steinbrenner to deepen his pockets and try to acquire every big name available in the market. At the end of the day, stakes remain high with respect to the 2024 MLB season. However, amid raging speculations, a WFAN radio host has issued a caution for the fans with heavy anticipation.


WFAN’s Evan Robers Requests Yankee Fans To Set The Bar Low For This Off-Season!

Brian Cashman, Hal Steinbrenner, Juan Soto

The New York Yankees, with their storied history and deep pockets, have often been at the center of offseason speculation. Fans have grown accustomed to the team making significant moves. But history shows that not every offseason lives up to the hype. The Winter Meetings, while a hotbed for deals, don’t always result in the splashy transactions that fans may be yearning for. Thus, WFAN Radio host Evan Robers has issued a word of caution for the fanbase. He said the supporters must not believe every link-up rumor they hear or see on the internet. Moreover, Robers also observed the pattern of Yankee fans setting high bars for each off-season, which eventually resulted in grave disappointment.

“What worries me for my friends that are Yankees fans is that you’re gonna be incredibly disappointed…just because you’re linked to a guy, that doesn’t mean anything,” said Robers. Several high-end names have been linked to the Bronx Bombers this off-season. From Juan Soto to Cody Bellinger to Yoshinobu Yamamoto, every option seems a possibility. However, the radio host says that fans often tend to develop a surety of the proposed deal coming to life. But that’s not always the case. Many times, deals fall apart at the last moment due to contract or commitment issues. Thus, Evan Robers sincerely urged the Bombers fanbase to keep their bar low for this off-season and just pray for the best.

Yankees Engaged With Cody Bellinger Despite Steep Price!

Cody Bellinger
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Meanwhile, the New York Yankees seemed to have made a head start in Cody Bellinger’s pursuit. If the latest rumors are to be believed, the front office is currently engaged with Bellinger for a potential free-agency acquisition deal. However, the outfielder’s asking price initially had been too steep. The high price is currently stalling the deal to come through. But the Yankees are still hopeful of reaching a consensus.

Recently, Jim Bowden of The Athletic predicted Cody Bellinger to crack a deal of $144 million for a six-year span. That accumulates to $24 million a year. Will the New York Yankees be willing to cash out such a large amount? Only time will tell. But given the upsides Bellinger brings to the team, it would be tough for the Bombers to let it pass.