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The Los Angeles Lakers registered a decent start to the 2023-24 NBA In-Season tournament. They finished with an 11-9 record and barely made it to the quarter-finals. Having said that, the purple and gold recently witnessed an embarrassing loss to Oklahoma City Thunder by 133-110. As usual, Anthony Davis and LeBron James’ salient efforts were washed down the drain.

While Davis clocked 31 points, James finished the night with 21 points. The veteran once again defied his workload management plan to keep the Lakers alive in the contest. Needless to say, the 38-year-old was dejected after the brutal loss and offered his honest take on where his team stands as a unit with one-third of the tournament already under the rug.


LeBron James Refuses To Identify Lakers As A Complete Unit!

LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James looks downcast in the closing minutes of their defeat to the Denver Nuggets. (AP Photo)

In the aftermath of a disheartening blowout loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James delivered a candid and somewhat perplexing response when asked about the team’s performance. The defeat was not just a typical loss but a lopsided affair that underscored the team’s struggles on both ends of the court. As one of the franchise’s marquee players, LeBron James’ didn’t mince his words while offering his brutally honest assessment. During the post-game interview, James said he had no idea where the purple and gold stood as a unit. He firmly believes that LA is not yet a complete group. While the individuals have come alive as a unit, the team has not unleashed its true potential.

“We don’t have our group yet. I know what some of us individually are, but not as a team yet,” said LeBron James. The recent drop in the Lakers’ performance is also a result of extensive injury woes. Ahead of the Thunder game, almost half of the LA side featured on the injury list. While James and Davis managed to stay afloat despite being veterans, the rest of the young squad is struggling to grapple with the rigors of the schedule. As the Lakers navigate through a challenging stretch, attention will undoubtedly shift to how the team responds in the coming games. LeBron James, as a veteran leader, will play a pivotal role in steering the ship. And addressing any potential issues that may be affecting the team’s performance.

LeBron James To Prioritise Bronny’s USC Debut Over NBA Duties!

LeBron James, Bronny James
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Meanwhile, LeBron James confirmed his absence from the Los Angeles Lakers’ following games, citing family reasons. His eldest son, Bronny James, has been cleared to resume playing basketball after suffering from a serious cardiac arrest earlier this year. Bronny will undergo a final evaluation next week, and post-training, a debut game for USC will be scheduled.

It’s a major step in Bronny’s career, and LeBron does not want to give it a miss. LeBron James confirmed that if Bronny’s debut college game clashes with Lakers’ game, he will skip the latter and be there for his son. The decision has already been conveyed to the LA front office by James. The fan must have a clearer picture by next week as the schedule gets finalized.