kevin kiermaier
kevin kiermaier

The New York Yankees are desperate to make significant changes this offseason. Since they failed to make the postseason this year, they’ve been planning to get things on the right track in the offseason. It won’t be an easy task to change the franchise upside down. But the fans are asking for some major changes. And why not? Since 2009, the NY side has not made it to the “Big Dance.” Moreover, they failed to make the postseason in 2016. Then again in 2023. In between 2016 and the last season, they managed to make the playoffs several times. But they could not go very far.

Anyway, they have been eyeing a lot of big names available in the current free agency market. For instance, Juan Soto of the San Diego Padres and Cody Bellinger, who last played for the Chicago Cubs. Anyhow, the Yankees also need replacements for their injured players. Like the 20-year-old Jasson Dominguez is unavailable and will stay out for another few months. In his absence, the Yankees can replace him with Kevin Kiermaier. It would really bolster the NY side’s defense.


Why Kevin Kiermaier Is A Perfect Trade Option For The Yankees?

Kevin Keirmaier
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Albeit, the Yankees need more help in their offense than defense. However, it seems like Kiermaier is ideal for the Yankees budget. Moreover, Kevin played for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2023 under a one-year contract worth $9 million. It is likely that he should earn a multi-year deal. FanGraph’s Ben Clemens predicts that the dynamic center fielder deserves a two-year deal worth $24 million. It should be potentially an ideal trade deal for the New York Yankees. However, everybody knows the Yankees are top contenders to land Jung Hoo-Lee, Cody Bellinger and Juan Soto.

If the Bronx Bombers happen to sign even two of them, they can forget about Kevin Kiermaier. Recently, the Boston Red Sox traded Alex Verdugo to their arch-rivals. It might change the dynamic of the roster a bit in New York. However, at present, there is no clarity in terms of what kind of prospect the Yankees think of Verdugo. He may just be an addition for the next year. But the NY side may also use him in a trade package for a larger connected deal. 

Why Are The Fans Blaming Aaron Boone For Their Failure?

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Several fans are blaming the manager, Aaron Boone, who took the role in 2018. Albeit, the fans may not have much faith in the manager who has one more year remaining in his contract. But the Yankees has faith in the captain, Aaron Judge. He hit a record 62 homers in the last season. However, Judge has faith in the manager Boone. Moreover, Aaron Judge echoed the owner when he said earlier in the offseason that the team is planning to make a lot of changes that can enable them to make the “Big Dance.”

The 16th captain of the franchise’s history knows it has been a long time. But Aaron Judge believes the front office will make solid changes in the current offseason. Currently, the Yankees are looking for lefty hitters. It has been a piece of old news already. They need to bolster their rotation. The Bronx Bombers must find lefty outfielders who can play in the left and center field.