Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder
Alex Verdugo Boston Red Sox Outfielder Source: WFSB

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are the two most iconic teams in baseball’s history. However, in the last fifty years, the Yankees and the Red Sox have not been part of many historic trade deals. In fact, they haven’t shaken hands for many deals in the past half a century. However, when the time came, the two iconic teams again discussed a trade scenario. Anyhow, the 27-time champions needed to improve their offense this offseason.

They had a pretty horrible 2023 season. It has been a long time since the Yankees have been to the “Big Dance.” Moreover, they could not even make the postseason this year. That’s how horrible the last season has been for the Bronx Bombers. Hence, they were looking for an outfielder to improve their batting average. Lately, the Boston Red Sox came to their rescue as they traded Alex Verdugo to the Bronx. Moreover, this trade created history.


Yankees And Red Sox Create History Again For A Trade

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According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the Boston franchise and the NY side shook hands only for their 7th trade in the last 50 years with Verdugo’s deal. In return for Verdugo, the Yankees traded some right-handed pitching prospects. For instance, Greg Weissert, Richard Fitts, and Nicholas Judice went to the Boston Red Sox. These players get to be a part of history. Moreover, it was the first trade deal between the two sides involving Major League players since 2021. In 2021, the New York Yankees traded Adam Ottavino to the Boston Red Sox.

Moreover, Craig Breslow made the first big move as Boston’s new Chief Baseball Officer. This trade deal with the Yankees should really fix a lot of issues the Red Sox had in their outfield. Moreover, Alex Verdugo has been part of the Red Sox since 2020. The Los Angeles Dodgers traded him to Boston in 2020. For Mookie Betts, the star outfielder, Verdugo was part of a package deal. After trading Verdugo, the Red Sox ensured to keep Connor Wong, the catcher, as the last one from that deal.

How Babe Ruth Popularized The Yankee-Red Sox Rivalry?

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Moreover, their arch-rivalry is world-famous. However, these teams have made some renowned trade deals in the history of the game. Most notable was the trade of the GOAT Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Bronx Bombers. This transfer back on January 5, 1920, helped the NY side become the superpower in the game of baseball. Babe Ruth had won three World Series titles with the Red Sox in six seasons he played for them. He started as a pitcher but then later became a world-renowned hitter.

But when he joined the Yankees in 1920, things changed drastically for the New York franchise. Moreover, the Bambino helped the Bronx Bombers win four World Series titles. Overall, Babe Ruth finished his career in 1935 with seven championships. But the rivalry between the Bronx and the Red Sox reached another height of popularity with the Bambino. Anyhow, it has always been a special topic for the American folklore.