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The New York Yankees had a pretty good deep bullpen in the previous seasons. But they used a lot of their pitching resources to add some much-needed star outfielders. As a result, they faced a worsening pitching situation this winter. Nevertheless, the Bronx Bombers raise their hopes this offseason after bolstering their outfield. But they may sure have regrets for not being able to sign the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto. That could have been icing on the cake for the NY side after landing Juan Soto for a year. Anyhow, things did not pan out as the Yankees hoped it would. Hence, they are still in the market to increase depth in their bullpen.

Recently, they added Marcus Stroman to bolster their starting pitching depth. Yamamoto could have been their first choice for starting pitcher alongside Gerrit Cole. But now they are in the market looking to get the best options available. Perhaps Blake Snell or Dylan Cease might be a great option for landing this winter. However, the Yankees must have faith in what they have at present, too. Luke Weaver’s signing didn’t get much attention, but he can help the bullpen a lot.


Was Signing Luke Weaver A Good Idea?

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Albeit he is not a talent like Yamamoto, Luke Weaver can be sure to help the pitching staff a lot. Last year, the Cincinnati Reds and the Seattle Mariners designated Weaver for assignment. He stayed with the Reds till August 16. Later, the Mariners let him go on September 10. Luke Weaver made a total of five appearances with the Mariners. But on September 12, the Yankees came calling as they claimed him off waivers. Before the last season ended for the Bombers, Weaver got three starts as he was there on the active roster. Later, he became a free agent at the end of the 2023 season.

It seemed like that was the end of the Yankees chapter for Weaver. But no, as the NY side signed him for a year deal worth $2 million. Luke Weaver must have impressed the front office in those three starts at the fag end of the season. Moreover, Weaver pitched over 13.1 innings, posted a 3.38 ERA, and had a strikeout percentage of 28.1% of the hitters he faced. Those three games against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Toronto Blue Jays were a huge improvement over Weaver’s marks with the Reds and Mariners. 

Yankees Must See Weaver As A Good Depth In Their Bullpen

Luke Weaver Yankees
Luke Weaver Yankees Source:

The three starts Weaver had with the Yankees apparently showed a change in process that played a big factor, perhaps, in signing him back. The pitching coach, Matt Blake, and the rest of the team must believe they can work with him. Moreover, last season proved that the Yankees are pretty injury-prone.

Besides Marcus Stroman, the addition of Luke Weaver should work as nothing but relief for Brian Cashman and co. Before overexerting one of their minor league pitchers, the Yankees can turn to Weaver at first. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers can have faith in his quality cutters to provide good results.