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CHECKOUT: New York Yankees Likely To Make These Moves Before The 2024 MLB Season Starts

The New York Yankees have been trying to bring balance to their rotation this winter. How successful they have been to do that this offseason, only time can answer. But on paper, the NY side has been one of the most improved teams this offseason. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers can even see themselves on the top of the list for the best outfields in terms of WAR. Clearly, the addition of Juan Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo has been the most positive sign for the NY side. But one regret the Yankees might have this winter is missing out on landing the Japanese sensation. Moreover, they were so close to signing Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

He could have been a perfect fit alongside Gerrit Cole. Then, the Bronx Bombers would not have to worry about their pitching depth so much. However, that’s in the past now, and the 27-time champions are still in the market for a starting pitcher. Albeit, they have added Marcus Stroman, recently for a two-year deal. It would increase their depth in the starting pitching group. They might look for more pitchers. But before signing more players, they might need to get rid of some names in the 40-member roster.


What Are The Options Yankees Have To Subtract Two Players From Their 40-Member Roster?

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The Yankees plan to add Marcus Stroman and Luke Weaver officially and finalize their deals via free agency. Now, what can Brian Cashman do to add these players officially? As per NJ Advance Media, simply the easiest thing to do is to let go of some expandable pieces. For instance, this winter, the Bronx Bombers signed Jeter Downs and Bubba Thompson to increase depth. But the truth is they would only be there for the chopping block. Other names in the 40-member roster are like the lefty Matt Krook and Nick Ramirez, who the Yankees can waive if they need to. These players have not been able to perform to their fullest for the Pinstripes or don’t look like a big prospect.

Then, other than waiving or cutting ties with certain players, the Yankees can trade a few names. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers can get a good value for prospects Ben Rortvedt and Carlos Narvaez. There are also certain young names like Oswald Peraza, Oswaldo Cabrera, and Everson Pereira, who will likely play bench roles in spring 2024. They can be centerpieces for some high-profile trades. On the other hand, the Yankees can always try to slash their payroll with a trade. Gleyber Torres is a viable option for shedding salary dollars. 

Will Brian Cashman Risk Trading Or Cutting Payroll Costs At This Point?

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The Yankees really turned things around this offseason. Albeit, there’s still time to find out how these trades work this year. Nevertheless, the NY side looks much stronger at this point than they did at the end of the 2023 season. Previously, they looked just miserable after failing to make the postseason. But now they have options before they make their next move this offseason.

However, they must tread lightly before they trade some high-profile names in their 40-member roster. But they certainly do need to bolster their pitching depth. Hence, officially adding Stroman and Weaver is of paramount importance. Hence, they must make some risky moves.