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Red Bull and Ferrari may have a close contest at the end of this ongoing season. However, the odds are in favor of the Austrian outfit. They have dominated the grid in the past two years. Even in 2024, Christian Horner’s team looks the fastest. Max Verstappen has already won four races of the first five. But the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race so far has been Carlos Sainz Jr of Ferrari. It was pretty much the same as last year. Max dominated the previous season with 19 GP wins, and his teammate Sergio Perez won a couple. But the only non-Red Bull racer to win a race in 2023 was the same guy as this year.

However, Carlos Sainz Jr won’t be part of Ferrari next year. Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes will replace the Spaniard in 2025. So far, Carlos does not have a contract with any team to race in next year. People wonder why the seven-time champion chose 2025 as the year when he would like to switch to the Maranello-based team. Lately, Christian Horner revealed a 70-year-old disadvantage that his team might face against Ferrari with the change in regulations from 2026. 


What Kind Of Advantage Ferrari Might Have Over Red Bull From 2026?

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Red Bull Wind Tunnel Source: PlanetF1

Recently, the Red Bull team principal spoke to the media, including RacingNews365, about a disadvantage they have since they are building their own in-house power units. Moreover, Christian Horner mentioned that they are on a steep learning curve. On top of that, while building their own power units, the Austrian outfit actually has a 70-year-old disadvantage to the Italian team. That’s what Horner said to the media lately. Moreover, the Red Bull boss said the team is looking forward to this challenge. Adding to that, Horner noted that they have a great group of people working really hard behind the Red Bull Powertrains division. In terms of the philosophy they are applying to the new power units, Horner mentioned that it is the same as what they have on the chassis to the engine.

 It is a different challenge for the Milton Keynes team because they don’t have the advantage of an existing engine to learn from. However, the Red Bull boss said, “It’s a clean sheet of paper.” After all, nobody knows where the other teams are with the new regulations. Horner added there is no guarantee or knowledge regarding where everybody else is. Additionally, the Milton Keynes team boss said that it is a disadvantage from a cost cap perspective. But on the other side, they won’t have the distraction of the 2024 engine. Currently, they are also dealing with reliability fixes that they won’t have to in the new era. 

Horner Opened Up On The Speculation Regarding RBPT Project Being Behind It’s Targets

Christian Horner Red Bull Boss Drive To Survive
Christian Horner Red Bull Boss Drive To Survive Source: FirstSportz

Lately, the Red Bull boss clarified that they are not behind the targets of their Red Bull Powertrains project. He said the team is looking forward to seeing what happens when the regulations change. However, at this point, Horner’s team is meeting their targets, as he claims. 

Moreover, the team boss is very happy with the progress they have made with their power units over the past two years. In the case of the chassis, Horner said that the team does not have any rules yet. But he has faith because of his team’s reasonable track record.

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