Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: The Sports Rush

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been immensely successful in the world of Formula 1. There are very few records left for him to break. Among them, the most important is the title wins. Currently, the great British racer is equally successful as the German great Michael Schumacher in terms of the number of championships they have won. However, the Mercedes superstar has been the only racer in the history of F1 Motorsport to win more than 100 races. Currently, he stands at 103 Grand Prix wins. But this was the case back in the 2021 Saudi Arabian GP as well.

For the last couple of years, the great Briton has been winless. So far, it has been the longest period for Lewis Hamilton when he did not win any race. Last year, he managed to win a pole position in Hungary. Hence, he currently has 104 pole positions overall in his career. All these records are great, but his fans want him to win his coveted eighth title. When will Hamilton break that record? Clearly, this year, things don’t look good for the Briton. There are a lot of things he needs to change. Previously, Lewis Hamilton said he was smart enough to get rid of superstitions.


Superstitions Made Lewis Hamilton Lose A Race

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Eurosport

There are a lot of racers in Formula 1 who have superstitions and rituals they like to follow before and during a race. For instance, the two German greats, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, had superstition peeves. So did Lewis Hamilton. They believe these rituals help them during the race. However, in the case of the great Briton, he gave up on such rituals a long time ago. Recently, in an interview with GQ China during the F1 weekend in Shanghai, the Mercedes superstar mentioned that when he was younger he used to make sure that he gets in the car in a certain way. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton ensured that he used to prepare for a race in a certain way.

However, things changed when he was 17 years old. He added, “It was many years ago when I missed a step of that routine and then made mistakes.” Hence, the seven-time champion decided to get rid of superstitions from then onwards. Therefore, Lewis Hamilton has been living free of superstitions for almost twenty years now. Two decades ago, the English racer was driving Formula Renault UK at 17. Today, as he is just one short of turning 40, he has become the most decorated driver in the sport. But he would love to win the Driver’s title one last time before he hangs his racing boot. 

It Has Been Three Years Since The Seven-Time Champion Fell From Grace

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Source: ESPN

Who can forget the epic showdown of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? That was the race when things went topsy turvy in the F1 Motorsport. Lewis Hamilton was on his way to win his fifth title on the trot and eighth overall. Mercedes already had won the constructor title. But Max Verstappen had a shot at the title if he won the race. And after a controversial cum exciting ending, the Dutch racer managed to dethrone the veteran British champion in 2021.

Since then, Hamilton has been winless. Mercedes failed to provide him with the right car. In 2024, he had the worst start to a season in his 17-year-long career. Perhaps considering all the possibilities and factors, Lewis decided to switch to Ferrari in 2025. Maybe then he can have another shot at the title.

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