Stephen Curry Gentleman's Cut
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Stephen Curry is an NBA superstar who is a pretty good businessman as well. Over the years, he has achieved greatness on the basketball court and has become a household name. The Golden State Warriors star changed the game forever. He revolutionized the three-point shot. There is no better shooter than Steph Curry on the basketball court. Like he has been bold and brave on the basketball court, Curry has been bold as well as a businessman. When contemporary NBA superstars signed a shoe deal with Nike, Curry went the other way. Steph Curry has his own signature shoe brand with Under Armour.

It has been a pretty popular brand with the growing popularity of the GSW Star. Moreover, Steph has been pretty familiar with the world of business. He is quite famous for his ventures in technology and other industries. Besides Under Armour, Stephen Curry has endorsement deals with Nissan, Rakuten, Sony, and so on. But now, it seems the three-point King is eager to get into the profitable American Whiskey market.


With His Latest Venture, Stephen Curry Gets Into The Lucrative Whiskey Market

Stephen Curry Gentleman's Cut
Stephen Curry Gentleman’s Cut Source: Top Shelf Wine and Spirits

Stephen Curry is ready with his new endorsement deal with the Gentleman’s Cut Bourbon Kentucky Whiskey. The Warriors star is entering a market that’s worth $11,825,000,000. Clearly, the Whiskey market is growing and has astounding figures to offer. Moreover, the Gentleman’s Cut posted a video on Instagram presenting their whiskey and Stephen Curry getting a haircut on the side. On top of that, the tagline of the post says, “There’s never a bad time for a fresh cut.” Over the years, the American Whiskey market has been growing steadily, including different types like Bourbon, Rye, and Tennessee.

There is just a huge demand for premium whiskies from the U.S., and the number is just increasing. There are super-premium as well as ultra-premium qualities of whiskies which are in high demand. These varieties have been major factors in the growth of the market. Hence, this market can make Stephen Curry “Richie Rich” rich. Anyway, the Warriors star has a bank balance worth 160 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth. So far, Stephen Curry has already invested in 14 companies, including Unanimous Media. SnapTravel, an online travel booking website, was his first tech investment. 

Steph Never Fears To Try Something New

Stephen Curry ACC
Stephen Curry ACC Source: NBC Sports

Curry has proved many naysayers wrong throughout his career. There were many scouts and coaches who doubted the abilities of the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio. Perhaps those scouts were looking for another LeBron James. Anyhow, what they got was something different and some more greatness. Moreover, people doubted if Stephen Curry would win any title with the Golden State Warriors.

It was because, before 2015, the previous championship for the Warriors came in 1975. Again, Steph Curry proved the doubters wrong. He led the Warriors to a championship victory after 40 years. Eventually, Curry led the franchise to be a modern-day dynasty with four titles in eight years. Stephen Curry proved time and again that he is not afraid to take on new challenges and eventually win them.