Toto Wolff and Adrian Newey

In a historic announcement, Red Bull confirmed the end of the ‘Newey Era.’ Adrian Newey, the aerodynamics mastermind, has helped RBR dominate the racing circuit for over two decades. With Neweye’s masterstrokes, the team procured thirteen world titles. He was the unsung hero for the world championship winners like Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. A series of internal feuds and Christian Horner’s controversy pushed Newey to take a brave step. 

However, the Briton expressed his gratitude for working as an F1 executive, which was his childhood dream. He proclaimed that his run with the Milton Keynes squad was phenomenal and that now is the time to ‘pass the baton.’ Since the official announcement, the rumors have been in the fifth gear, as Newey’s future at F1 remains a mystery.  Amid all the speculations, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, has cleared his intention about the aero wizard. Instead, the team boss is interested in watching everything unfold as a ‘fan.’ 


Toto Wolff Rules Out Probability Of Newey’s Mercedes Move

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The fans were expecting Mercedes to make a move for Newey. The reason is their prolonged struggle to resolve the ‘aerodynamic issues.’ Thus, no one was better than the aero mastermind himself to help the Silver Arrows. However, in a shocking revelation, Toto Wolff has sidelined all the speculations of Newey’s Mercedes move. The Briton, 65, has designed championship-winning cars for McLaren, Williams, and Red Bull drivers. However, Mercedes does not seem interested in securing the services of the veteran engineer. The Austrian executive appreciated the legacy of Newey, but his outlook on the entire scenario is similar to that of a ‘fan.’ 

The Brackley-based squad recently shuffled its technical team, making it more inclined towards maintaining a stable environment. Moreover, the Mercedes team is dealing with greater challenges. Since Lewis Hamilton’s impending Ferrari move, the Silver Arrows are on the lookout for his replacement. Therefore, it seems wise to overlook Adrian Newey’s situation and focus on the ongoing internal issues. 

Aston Martin Or Ferrari- What Will Be The Next Destination For Aero Wizard?

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As Toto Wolff dismissed Adrian Newey’s Mercedes move, the aero wizard has two options. Since the gardening clause was abandoned, Newey is ready to offer his services starting next season. Therefore, his experience and technical knowledge could be vital for other F1 teams. Amid the commotion, reports suggest Scuderia Ferrari might lure him to get a flight ticket to Italy. The Italian media houses claim that Fred Vasseur, Ferrari team boss, went to London for a meeting with Newey. Vasseur wants to poach the Briton to join a dream team alongside seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton. 

Although Aston Martin is also in the queue to sign a contract with Newey, the probability is low. Scuderia has the upper hand as Newey is interested in offering consultation services. The 65-year-old is in the latter half of his career; thus, building a project from scratch might be outside his priority list. Therefore, by connecting the dots, the Italian-based outfit looks perfect for Adrian Newey. However, seeing who’ll get Newey’s signature will be interesting.