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The Mercedes team is experiencing a turbulent period. The team has been waiting to get the checkered flag since 2022. Adding to their misery, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Boss, is not ‘confident’ with the Petronas AMG W15 project. Meanwhile, the engineers at Brackley are giving it their all to prepare for an engine overhaul ahead of 2026. 

The upcoming 2026 FIA regulations will introduce chassis and engine guidelines. Mercedes is among the six teams out of ten that will produce its own power units. However,  the Brackley-based outfit got a head start during the previous guidelines update. Moreover, Wolff believes there is no ‘certainty’ they’ll get it right this time. The lack of optimism signifies that the Austrian wants to keep his tactics under wraps. 


Mercedes ‘Partially’ An Elite F1 Team, Says Ralf Schumacher

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Mercedes has been in a slump since the introduction of the ground-effect concept. After two years of below-par performance, experts believe the Silver Arrows are now ‘Partially’ a top F1 team. The former Grand Prix winner, Ralf Schumacher, believes the technical team is struggling. Notably, the German outfit dominated the turbocharged ‘hybrid’ era between 2014 to 2021. The team went on to bag eight consecutive Contructor championship titles. However, since 2022, the charm has been missing, and the team is yet to finish at the top. In addition, a sub-par car design has cost them their star driver, Lewis Hamilton, who is set to leave for Ferrari.

On the contrary, Ralf Schumacher believes Hamilton’s slump is not all because of Mercedes. Schumacher says that the Briton is no longer young and needs help to engage with the car as he failed to adapt his driving style. Moreover, Ralf feels Hamilton’s departure could be a blessing in disguise for Mercedes. 

Ralf expressed his disappointment with Toto Wolff and the design team. He feels Mercedes have one of the best engines, but their inability to solve aerodynamic issues is causing trouble. Notably, the customer team McLaren is doing better because of a sound car design. However, recently, Toto Wolff acknowledged the ongoing issues. He is not very ‘optimistic’ ahead of the Miami GP upgrades. It’ll be interesting to see if the technical team can finally make peace with their aerodynamics ‘nightmare.’

Wolff Submits Unique Request To FIA For The ‘Next Hamilton’ 

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Toto Wolff is looking for a replacement for Lewis Hamilton. In a unique request to FIA, Wolff is seeking permission to fast-track Kimi Antonelli into Formula One. Antonelli is a racing prodigy hailed as the next Lewis Hamilton. The Italian racer will turn 18 in August. Thus, the Silver Arrow’s spearhead wants him in the cockpit during the upcoming season. 

The Mercedes teenage protege was testing the 2022 Mercedes car at Imola, a below-standard car that marked the beginning of the slump for the team. The teenager could be George Rusell’s partner in the 2025 season. The urgency to onboard the young racer shows that Wolff wants to correct his mistake of not signing a ‘young’ Max Verstappen ten years ago.