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CHECKOUT: This Way New York Yankees Can Still Land Blake Snell To Have A Perfect Winter

The New York Yankees have turned things around this offseason. They were in deep trouble at the end of the 2023 season. Needless to say, the NY side could not make it to the postseason. Hence, they had a pretty long offseason and planned accordingly about their moves. Moreover, they really had a lack of offensive power in their rotation. Albeit, they have the 2022 AL MVP as their captain. Besides Aaron Judge, the Bronx Bombers did not have any superstars in their outfield. That’s what they wanted to change this winter and they did just that. Moreover, the landing of Juan Soto was just sublime timing.

That’s exactly who the Yankees needed. The Dominican slugger’s agent Scott Boras says, “Juan Soto is an offense in itself.” Moreover, the Pinstripes got Trent Grisham and Alex Verdugo as well. Hence, they have a pretty good outfield as it seems at present. But the pitching situation was worsening because they used a lot of their depth in the bullpen to land these star outfielders. That’s why the Yankees are still in the market looking for a starting pitcher. Clearly, the best option available is Blake Snell at present. Now, the Bombers should try to get him. 


Should Yankees Go All-In For Blake Snell?

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

Blake Snell is a perfect fit for the NY side, but there might be certain issues that might prevent an agreement between the two parties. The lefty is clearly the best pitching free agent available this winter. However, it seems, the Yankees had offered Snell a deal that didn’t impress the former SD Padres starting pitcher. If the 27-time champions need to bolster their starters in the remainder of this offseason, they must go all-in. As per Tim Britton and Aaron Gleeman of The Athletics, the NY side is the perfect place for Blake Snell. Other teams that might bid to sign Snell are the Boston Red Sox, the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, and so on.

Snell had a pretty dominating stretch before coming off to his free agency. Since the end of May, Snell posted 1.20 ERA and he started in 23 games. Moreover, he blanked the opposition in 11 of those starts. Blake Snell merely allowed twice more than a couple of runs. Moreover, in 2023, Snell received his second career Cy Young Award. Hence, if the Yankees could land Snell, then they would have the best starting rotation in the whole league. Clearly, Snell and Gerrit Cole would be a deadly combination. 

The Bronx Bombers Proved That They Are Willing To Go All-In

Brian Cashman Yankees
Brian Cashman Yankees Source: MLB.com

After a terrible 2023 season, the Pinstripes were in deep trouble with their outfield. They really needed a couple of start lefty hitters who can bolster their offense as well. That’s why it was so crucial to land Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo and team them up with their captain, Aaron Judge. This way, Judge should find it easier to cope with the pressure.

Otherwise, last season, the pressure was too much on the captain. But the front office made some big moves and got the best slugger in the league. That’s something the NY side should keep up with when they bid for Blake Snell. Moreover, they know how much they need a quality starting pitcher, and Snell is one of the best out there.