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The New York Yankees had a good depth in their pitching department in the last few seasons. But that did not help them go very far in any of those seasons. In fact, the NY side could not even qualify for the postseason last year. That was a wake-up call for the Bronx Bombers. It has been too long since the 27-time champions made it to the “Big Dance.” The last time they did, they won their 27th World Series championship. Moreover, the fans have not been happy with their team’s progress in the last few seasons. Hence, the front office decided to make some significant changes this winter. That’s why the Yankees ensured they land some superstar outfielders this offseason. But at what cost?

It was their resources and depth in the bullpen. Albeit, bringing in Juan Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo alongside Aaron Judge makes their outfield the most improved in terms of WAR this winter. But the Yankees must treat their worsening pitching situation. That’s why they are still in the market. The Yankees Nation hopes to see either Blake Snell or Dylan Cease join their franchise. However, it would not be an easy deal to seal. Hence, the Bombers must see who they can rely on from their current bullpen. Pitchers like Luke Weaver can come as handy.


How Luke Weaver Can Be Helpful For The Yankees?

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Last year, Luke Weaver played for three different teams – Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, and NY Yankees. The Reds traded Weaver in August. Later, the Mariners waived him in September. Somehow, the Bronx Bombers got hold of him. Albeit, the Yankees could not play in the postseason, they used Luke Weaver for three games in 2023. To their surprise, Weaver played better in those last three games in the regular season than he did for the Reds and the Mariners. Surely, the pitching coach, Matt Blake, saw something special in Weaver.

That’s the reason why the Yankees bought him again in free agency for a one-year deal worth $2 million. In the last three games for the Bronx, Weaver pitched over 13.1 innings and posted a 3.38 ERA, along with a 28.1% strikeout. It was a huge improvement from his days with the Reds and the Mariners in the same year. This speedy change and progress might have made the Yankees think they can trust him and work with him. Moreover, they needed depth in the pitching department. As long as Luke Weaver is there, the Yankees won’t need to use any arm from the minor leagues and overexert them. 

The Former Reds Pitcher Can Be A Pretty Useful Depth For The Bombers

Luke Weaver Yankees
Luke Weaver Yankees Source:

Luke Weaver has a pretty good cutter and has been working on his sweeper as well. But it must have been the cutter that got the NY side’s attention. He’s able to spin the cutter more than his slider. But what impressed the Yankees was getting results with those cutters.

Lately, the Yankees also signed Marcus Stroman to bolster depth in their starting pitching group. But the fans are aware that the team is pretty injury-prone. Hence, they must be happy to see another pitcher like Luke Weaver as further insurance for the side.