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Juan Soto has been the best addition in the offseason for the New York Yankees. The NY side was in a great deal of humiliation after the previous season. It was nothing short of a tremendous shame. The 27-time World Series champions could not qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2016. But the worst part was they finished with an awful 82-80 record. Hence, last season was their worst season in the last 30 years. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers did not have a great hitting average either.

They had the second-worst batting average in the league in 2023. Clearly, their offense was in dire need of an upgrade. As a result, the Yankees did not think twice about the value Juan Soto would bring to their table. After all, the Dominican superstar is arguably the best hitter in the league. Hence, the NY side went all-in to land the Dominican superstar. Clearly, they made the right decision, as the Dominican slugger has been a big hit since the spring training. Moreover, the four-time Silver Slugger winner made an immediate impact on the team from the very first day of the regular season.


Yankees Are Enjoying The Immediate Impact Of Juan Soto

Juan Soto Yankees
Juan Soto Yankees Source: MLB.com

Clearly, the NY side looks like a whole different team with Juan Soto in the rotation. The Yankees won the season-opening road trip 6-1 against the Houston Rockets and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Moreover, they remained unbeaten in their first five games of the season. It was one of the best starts for the Bronx Bombers in modern times. A lot of credit goes to the addition of Juan Soto. Clearly, Soto and Aaron Judge make a wonderful offensive pair. Then, adding Alex Verdugo to that outfield makes the Yankees rotation even better. Now, the Yankees Faithful might wonder how long the Dominican superstar will wear the pinstripe uniform. He will be a free agent once the 2024 season ends.

Moreover, the right fielder will be eligible for contracts starting from $500 million. Now, the question is if the Yankees can manage to land him for a long-term deal. Currently, Juan Soto is playing on an arbitration contract worth $31 million. Lately, the Dominican slugger mentioned he is really enjoying his place in the team. Moreover, Soto mentioned, “This is a great organization, and they are making me feel at home.” As per the rumors, the bidding war for Soto will be as much intense as it was for Shohei Ohtani. Finally, the Japanese phenom signed a $700 million deal over 10 years. Now, what will be Soto’s future contract?

Right Now, The Dominican Just Wants To Focus On Playing Baseball

Juan Soto Scott Boras
Juan Soto Scott Boras Source: Tiempo Extra

Juan Soto has always said that he does not want to think about contract negotiations. For that, he has his agent, Scott Boras. The Dominican superstar’s agent takes care of all the negotiations as such. On the other hand, Juan Soto mentioned he wants to focus on playing baseball, the game he loves so much.

Right now, he is only focusing on 2024. As per Sportico, Juan Soto said if anybody wants to know about his contract status, they can call his agent. Boras will answer all those questions, as per Soto. Scott Boras told the media including Sportico that his job is to look at each offers and “Respond to the well-being of the player.”

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