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Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel Source: FirstSportz

Red Bull has been dealing with an intense power struggle since the 49% owner of the parent company, Dietrich Mateschitz, passed away. However, the situation is not clear enough; it seems the majority owners of Red Bull GmbH, the Thai shareholders, back Christian Horner to become the next CEO. However, it is a direct conflict with the more deserving people like the 80-year-old senior Advisor Helmut Marko. But the situation in the Austrian team worsened internally when a female employee of the F1 team accused Christian Horner of “Inappropriate behavior.” Later, the media reported that the Austrian team made an internal investigation. Subsequently, it seemed the parent company cleared the F1 team principal of any wrongdoings.

Later, the Milton Keynes team fired the female employee. However, the problem with all these incidents has been the sheer lack of transparency. There has been a mystery about an email that some anonymous source shared with all F1 team bosses, FIA, F1, and the media too. As per rumors, that email contained messages between Horner and the female Red Bull employee. Now, there are questions regarding who sent that email and who to trust really. Lately, the former Red Bull champion racer Sebastian Vettel asked for more transparency regarding the Christian Horner fiasco. 


Sebastian Vettel Addresses The Lack Of Transparency In The Horner Story

Sebastian Vettel Christian Horner Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel Christian Horner Red Bull Source: Sky Sports F1

Recently, in an interview with Sky Sports, Sebastian Vettel mentioned it is really hard to draw any conclusion when there is not much information available. The German great noted, “I don’t know enough details, and when you don’t know everything, you can’t really draw a conclusion.” Sebastian Vettel also talked about certain privacy requirements that the team and the members need. Moreover, the four-time champion said it is a bit of a slippery slope. He also mentioned that in the big picture, it is essential to explain to the audience what is really going on.

After all, it is a matter of responsibility. When people know what really happened, they will be able to come to “the right conclusions.” Moreover, Sebastian Vettel mentioned that he feels if things were clearer for everybody, then it would have been a whole lot easier to make a judgment. Anyway, it is not easy for Vettel to judge his former team principal for any wrongdoings with whom he enjoyed four years of domination in the sport. 

As Per Rumors, The Female Red Bull Employee Wants To Return To The Team

Christian Horner, Red Bull

The female employee who accused the Red Bull F1 boss of misconduct was suspended from the team. According to The Independent, the reports suggest that the employee wants to return to work at the Milton Keynes outfit. Moreover, the parent company cleared Christian Horner of all charges after the internal investigation. Later, a Red Bull spokesperson refused to comment on why they suspended the female employee.

According to reports, after all these incidents, the female employee who chose to stay anonymous filed an official complaint against Christian Horner with the FIA ethics committee. However, if the appeal fails ultimately, she could certainly seek an employment tribunal.

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