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The New York Yankees head to an interesting 2024 season. They have a lot of questions about certain players on their roster. Last year saw several players of the Bronx Bombers sustain injuries and go through a dip in their performance. Moreover, the pretty long Injured List was a big reason why the Pinstripes finished with an awful 82-80 record. Specifically, when Aaron Judge sustained a severe toe injury, the season really collapsed for the Pinstripes from there on. They missed their captain for 35 games on the trot. Moreover, the key pitchers did not live up to the expectations. For instance, Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes had a horrible season.

But the team is still relying on them for the upcoming 2024 season. What can these guys do? Moreover, the Yankees will be hopeful about their impressive outfield. Ever since Juan Soto joined the franchise, things started to look different for the Bronx Bombers. Previously, they had a lot of issues on their outfield and offense. Now, the addition of Juan Soto looks to solve a great deal of their outfield and offensive issues. But there are certain players who can improve a whole lot more if they want to help the Yankees make the postseason. 


Five Players Can Have A Make Or Break Season In 2024

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Carlos Rodon Yankees Source: SFGATE

First of all, there are the key pitchers, Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes, who must improve this year. Rodon really disappointed the Yankees Faithful last year. He was a massive addition as the Yankees bought him for a six-year deal worth $162 million. But Rodon was a big flop during his first Yankees season. If the NY side wants to get back to being the best of the AL East and get the World Series contention back, they will need Rodon to get back in form. On the other hand, Nestor Cortes had a breakout season in 2022. But injuries caused the 2023 season to fail for Cortes. If Rodon or Cortes can become solid second or third pitchers for the side, they can become the very best in the league.

Cortes struggled with a 4.97 ERA over 63 innings last year. Moreover, the impact of the injuries to Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo was vital for the Yankees last season. Rizzo started batting really well at home in 2023. But then, the concussion injury damaged everything. On the other hand, DJ LeMahieu must get a whole lot better from the very beginning of this season. He ended the last season well. But Aaron Boone was thinking about playing DJ in the leadoff spot. Moreover, it is very important for Jonathan Loaisiga to get back in the form. He’s a very important pitcher in the Yankees bullpen. 

How Valuable These Five Players Can Be If They’re Healthy?

Jonathan Loaisiga
The Yankees’ Jonathan Loaisiga allowed three hits and four walks, striking out six, over five innings to win his major league debut against the Tampa Bay Rays. Credit…Wendell Cruz/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

Like several players last season, Jonathan Loaisiga suffered because of injuries as well. He could only pitch 17.2 innings. But over those innings, he posted a 3.06 ERA. If he can manage to do that over more innings, it can really benefit the Yankees. Anyway, all these players need to find that sweet spot and ways to stay healthy.

If they can stay fit, the Yankees can reach the potential to make it to the World Series. Since last season, the Bronx Bombers have had an awful lot of injury issues; the health of their rotation can be the key to their success this year. All those significant changes over this offseason can go in vain if they don’t have a solid, healthy rotation.

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