Caleb Ferguson Yankees
Caleb Ferguson Yankees Source: Los Angeles Times

The New York Yankees had been doing some great work this offseason. Fans were beginning to lose faith in the team after a terrible 2023 season. But no matter what, die-hard fans will always believe that the team can turn things around. That’s what the front office has been trying to do this winter. They had been trying to live up to the expectations of the huge fanbase. Very early in the offseason, the NY side hinted that significant changes were coming. That hint proved accurate when the Bronx Bombers landed Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres. Moreover, the Yankees really worked hard to solve their issues in the outfield.

Previously, the 27-time champions had a deep and balanced bullpen. But they used those pitching resources this offseason to get the outfielders they wanted. Hence, in the latter half of the offseason, the NY side has been trying to fix their bullpen depth issues. However, the Yankees have not landed a solid ace pitcher who can fit alongside Gerrit Cole yet. After the 2023 season, they can’t totally rely on Carlos Rodon or Nestor Cortes. Lately, Brian Cashman signed Caleb Ferguson to increase bullpen depth.


Caleb Ferguson Is Another Less Flashy Bullpen Arm For The Yankees

Caleb Ferguson Yankees
Caleb Ferguson Yankees Source: The Daily Independent

So far in the offseason, the NY side managed to land top outfielders like Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo. But as a starting pitcher, the best signing so far has been Marcus Stroman for the Bombers. However, the fans and the team have been looking for a more dependable arm like Blake Snell. But even now, the Bronx Bombers are signing some non-flashy names like Caleb Ferguson. Perhaps the Yankees are trying to bring the perfect replacement for Michael King. They used him as part of the trade package for Juan Soto and Trent Grisham. But they needed a pitcher who brings the same type of versatility as King. And that’s Ferguson for the NY side, apparently.

Last December, Brian Cashman acquired Victor Gonzales. Lately, on Monday, the front office acquired Ferguson. He had his career-best season with the Los Angeles Dodgers last season. Moreover, Ferguson pitched 60 1/3 innings in 68 appearances. When Michael King transitioned from the bullpen, he had made seven starts. Last year, Ferguson also made seven starts for the LA Dodgers. However, he is indeed another less flashy name joining the Yankees bullpen. Nevertheless, this new addition for the Bronx Bombers was pretty effective in his previous stop. Moreover, he has an established track record. 

The Current Yankees Bullpen Might Not Look Flashy, But They’ve Effectiveness

Wandy Peralta Yankees
Wandy Peralta Yankees Source: FanSided

In the current bullpen, the Yankees are not full of star pitchers. But they sure have some decent amount of effectiveness in terms of earned run average. Since Aaron Boone became the new skipper in 2018, the bullpen of the Pinstripes earned 3.38 run averages in 2018.

Again, in 2019, they earned 4.08, 4.51 in 2020, 3.50 in 2021, in 2022 they earned 2.96, and 3.34 last year. In the case of the bullpen, the Yankees made some notable moves in the last few seasons, like they signed Clay Holmes and Wandy Peralta. But last year, the Bombers signed Ian Hamilton.

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