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Stephen Curry is not giving up on the Golden State Warriors yet. He still believes there’s a long way to go before he hangs his boots. Moreover, he must expect to end his career as a Warrior. So far in the NBA, the Bay Area has been Steph’s home as a player. However, when his father, Dell Curry, used to play in the league, Charlotte was his home; the Hornets were his favorite team. Steph’s dad played for 16 years in the league. Hence, Charlotte has been Steph’s home for a long time, at least during his childhood. Nevertheless, the connection with the Golden State Warriors has been something really special for the three-point King. Ever since he stepped on the floor as a Warrior, he revolutionized the three-point shots.

Steph led the Dubs to become a modern-day Dynasty. Before he came into the picture, the Golden State franchise did not look like a contender for the title. However, the Warriors had been a three-time NBA champion in the past. But Stephen Curry led the team to win four NBA titles in eight years, making them an overall seven-time champion side. Lately, though, in the ongoing season, the Dubs performed really poorly and faced elimination at the play-in stage. However, Steph is not willing to give up yet and is planning to come back stronger next season. 


Stephen Curry Feels Making Tweaks To The Roster Might Make The Warriors Legit Contenders Once Again

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Albeit, Stephen Curry could not carry the Dubs to the playoffs this year, he won the NBA Clutch Award of the 2023-24 season. His three-point shots are still viable threats for the opponents during clutch moments. But Steph is not happy to see the playoff games from home. He wants to be right there again next year. Hence, he is watching the game like a sincere student from home and even taking notes. Recently, in an interview with the Inside the NBA show on TNT, Curry talked about all these above mentioned topics. But most importantly, he said that the team is looking to make tweaks to the roster. The Three-point King believes the Warriors are not “Far off” from making it back to the playoffs again.

 He believes some “Tweaks” to the roster can make them legitimate contenders for the title once again. Moreover, Stephen Curry talked about the sad part of missing the top six spot at the end of the regular season. It was only a matter of three more wins, then they could have avoided the play-in stage and went straight to the playoffs. But unfortunately, for the Warriors that did not happen. Moreover, Steph believes they could have planned better for the play-in game against the Sacramento Kings. They didn’t, and as a result, the Kings knocked them out.

The GSW’s Talisman Wants To Know What They Can Do Better

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Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

Stephen Curry said on TNT’s Inside The NBA show that when teams lose, it is better to stand in front of the mirror and ask, “What can we do better?” Early in the year, they had some missteps and absences as well. Now, the question Curry is thinking about is “What holes can we fill?”

He said he is following the playoff games from home to figure out what they can do better to get to that stage again. Stephen Curry really wants to win the fifth ring with the Dubs. He believes the Dubs organization will work hard together to answer their own questions over the summer.

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