Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: NBC Sports

Stephen Curry has been trying his best to lead the Golden State Warriors to ensure the playoff spot. The way things stand, the Dubs have the best chance to finish at the play-in spot. It does not look like the seven-time champions will be able to climb up to the Top six at the end of the ongoing regular season. Moreover, the modern-day Dynasty might look too delicate for the play-in spot as well. They are not able to maintain a winning streak this season. On top of that, the main trio – Steph, Dray, and Klay have not been at their best throughout the season.

Klay Thompson suffered because of poor shooting average in the ongoing season. On the other hand, Draymond Green had a terrible start to the 2023-24 season. He started the season with back-to-back suspensions. Anyway, the trio is gradually getting back to their groove. But it does not seem to work extremely well for the Warriors. After all, they are still barely hanging on to the 10th place in the Western Conference. Lately, the Dubs suffered a big loss to the Indiana Pacers at home. After the game, Stephen Curry blamed the lack of “Focused effort” for the loss. 


Stephen Curry Disappointed With Team’s Effort Against The Pacers

Stephen Curry Warriors
Stephen Curry Warriors Source: BasketUniverso

In the post-game press conference, the three-point King understandably looked “Disappointed.” The Pacers beat the GSW 123-111 at Chase Center. It was terrible because the Warriors really lost their momentum in the second half. Despite Stephen Curry trying his best, the Dubs fell short. Later, Steph mentioned in the press conference that they always talk about the margins. Moreover, Curry says players can run “Crazy” but the most important thing is to “Execute and do the details.” Adding to that, the three-point King mentioned the importance of the team doing well defensively. On top of that, Stephen Curry said effort is not enough if the team is not focused mentally enough.

Moreover, it is disappointing when the efforts like the Warriors had last night goes in vain, feels the GSW talisman. However, the three-point King is not ready to give up yet. He noted that there are plenty of games remaining in the regular season. Curry added that it was a tough loss to swallow, but they have several games to go to steer the ship in the right direction. Finally, the question comes down to “If we can do it,” says Curry. Moreover, Steph mentioned, “I wish I knew” the real reason behind his team’s inconsistent performances. He said there needs to be a sense of urgency as to how they finish the last stretch of the regular season.

Warriors Coach Expressed His Disappointment Too

Steve Kerr Warriors
Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Blue Man Hoop

Moreover, Steve Kerr mentioned there is nothing for him to recalibrate. The coach believes the team is aware of their strength and just need to stay with it. In the post-game press conference, Coach Kerr said they just need to keep plugging away. However, the Dubs coach gave some concerning news.

He added that the Indiana Pacers had the upper hand physically. In the end, the visitors outcompeted the GSW. With a little time left in the regular season, it is not a great sign for the seven-time champions. Nevertheless, Steve Kerr expressed his confidence in his team’s outlook for the rest of the way.

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