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CHECKOUT: Skip Bayless Uses Lakers’ New Signing Christian Wood To Take Jibe At LeBron James!

Everybody knows how much Skip Bayless admires LeBron James. He has really made a name for himself as the worst critic of LeBron James. Moreover, the Undisputed host never leaves an opportunity to take a jab at the King. The all-time leading scorer can be the greatest player there ever has been, according to a lot of people, but his worst critics never miss an opportunity. Moreover, the King completed his twenty seasons last time.

He is gearing up for the 21st and ready to help the Los Angeles Lakers win their 18th title. On the other hand, the 17-time champions were busy looking for a big center who could play alongside Anthony Davis to take some load off him. Finally, they signed Christian Wood after a long wait. But Wood’s entry gave Skip Bayless another opportunity to take a jab at LeBron James.


Skip Bayless Took Another Jab At LeBron James


On Wednesday morning, Skip Bayless tweeted, “Congratulations to Lakers GM for signing Christian Wood, who had a pretty good average last year.” But what Bayless further added was a jab at LBJ. He mentioned if the Lakers can get King James score in the 4th quarter of the playoff games. Hence, the shenanigans between Bayless and James are a never-ending process.

However, it would be interesting to see how the dynamic between LeBron James and Christian Wood pan out. Wood averaged 17 points and seven rebounds per game last season. He signed a two-year deal with the LA side. Moreover, it seems Wood had a dream to play for the Lakers. Now the question remains: How will Wood impact the playing styles of LeBron James and Anthony Davis?

Rob Pelinka Should Win The Executive Of The Year Award

LeBron James Rob Pelinka Lakers
LeBron James Rob Pelinka Lakers Source: SBNation

Moreover, after the terrific offseason the Lakers had, should not Rob Pelinka win the Best Executive award? The upcoming season should determine the fate of who gets the Executive Of The Year award. Rob Pelinka should have won the award back in 2020, but the NBA wrongly denied him as he finished seventh. However, the team looks good, and there is a good chance Pelinka might win it this year. However, King James will be 39 next December. He is already at the twilight of his career. Can he wait as long as possible to win his 5th championship ring? It is a question that every LBJ fan ponders about. Last season proved that LeBron James is human and that he can get hurt.

Moreover, the all-time leading scorer had to sit out for almost a month because of a tendon injury on his right foot. The King might not have fixed the injury completely. He needed to undergo surgery to recover completely. But in the process, he would then have to sit out for a month again. However, LeBron James is desperate to win another championship. He might not have a long time remaining as a professional basketball player. According to recent rumors, he might not have enough time in the NBA either. LBJ was in Riyadh, and there are speculations that he might follow in the footsteps of soccer stars like CR7, Neymar, Benzema, and so on. However, the Lakers organization is hopeful that LeBron James will stay with them for a longer period.