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CHECKOUT: How The New York Yankees Can Still Get The Wild Card Spot This Post-Season!

Clearly, the New York Yankees had a tough season this year. Many fans believe it has been one of the worst in their history. However, there is still a teeny tiny possibility that the Bronx Bombers can make the postseason. The way things were going did not look hopeful for the NY side. Moreover, injuries to key players like Anthony Rizzo and DJ LeMahieu did not help the team’s cause. However, DJ returned to the lineup a few weeks after his injury.

The 27-time World Series champions were on the brink of elimination even before reaching the playoffs. Aaron Boone’s side can still lose it all and miss the postseason after all. If Aaron Boone’s side makes the postseason, their first game will be in October 2024. The Bronx Faithful will have to wait for the final confirmation until the next month. However, there is a question about the new third wild card spot. And can the Yankees grab that?


Yankees Have A Chance To Grab The Third Wild Card Spot

Aaron Judge Yankees
Aaron Judge Yankees Source: NY1

In the World Series, the Philadelphia Phillies got in as the third wild card in the previous season. Moreover, the Phillies represented the National League. At present, the third wild card spot belongs to the Toronto Blue Jays. Moreover, the Yankees are still 7.5 games behind that place. On top of that, the Yankees not only have to get past the Blue Jays but also two more teams, and one of them is their arch-rivals. The NY side will have to beat the Boston Red Sox along with the Texas Rangers to get to the third wild card spot. Moreover, there are three spots for the Wild Card, and one of them will go to the Tampa Bay Rays.

On the other hand, the second spot will likely go to an AL West team. Hence, the big challenge for the Yankees is their rivals, along with the Rangers and the Blue Jays. It is more than even improbable for the Bronx Bombers to make the postseason with the current scenario. They have a 0.4% chance to do the improbable. Moreover, the Red Sox are currently 72-68 with a record of .514. On the other hand, the Blue Jays are 77-63 with a record of .550. Hence, the Yankees are mathematically still there, but they might not be anymore, with only over three weeks to play.

Currently, The NY Side Is On A Purple Patch

Aaron Boone Yankees
Aaron Boone Yankees Source: ESPN

However, the Yankees had been through a purple patch lately. They defeated the Detroit Tigers 3-1. Later, they beat the defending World Series champions, Houston Astros, 3-0, a clean sweep. Moreover, they have looked more like the team the fans expect them to be. It is great for the Bronx Bombers because they were going through a losing streak in terms of series as well as games. However, they are certainly trying to turn things around.

Currently, they are playing another series with the Detroit Tigers, and they have already won the series with one game remaining. Hence, the current status of the Yankees is 70-69 with a .504 record. It is still not enough to get them through to the playoffs. They still must win at least 18 games out of the remaining 24 games. Even then, the Yankees would need some other team to lose to help their cause. Theoretically, the Bronx Bombers can still make it, but the way the season has been for the Yankees makes it look highly unlikely.