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LeBron James can be the most popular face of the NBA, but he has no shortage of critics. Among them, Skip Bayless comes to mind, who is just the worst critic of LBJ. In fact, that’s what the Undisputed host is famous for after all these years. These critics never let an opportunity go away. They just wait for LBJ to show some weaknesses. If he does not show any, then they just like to undermine his achievements. He is heading toward his 21st NBA season.

If LBJ stays healthy, he can play for many more years. But he is 38 at present. Hence, after the end of the next season, LBJ will move closer to 40. That’s why it is essential for everybody to celebrate the King until he hangs his boots. But critics like Skip Bayless just find it easier to just criticize and disregard the great man’s accomplishments.


Why Can’t Skip Bayless Skip His Negative Criticism On LeBron James?

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It has been a decade since Bayless started pointing out the flaws of LBJ. Last Thursday, on Undisputed, Skip Bayless mentioned James lacks a closing gene. LeBron James might be among the top scorers of all time. But in a crunch situation, Skip Bayless believes, LBJ fails again and again. Whenever Bayless discusses the GOAT debate, he always diminishes LBJ. It is understandable for some fans and experts to keep Michael Jordan at the top spot for greatness. But the way Skip Bayless disregards LeBron James can seem to be too harsh.

Bayless did not point out correctly that LeBron James is not good at clutch moments. After all, LBJ has got the most buzzer-beaters of any player of all time. He has five buzzer-beaters, but Michael Jordan has three. On top of that, LeBron James is far ahead of the rest in terms of game-tying or winning shots in the clutch moments of playoff games. The King is still going strong, as he averaged 28.9 points last season. Some of his current averages are even better than his peak years with the Miami Heat. But why can’t the Undisputed host celebrate the greatness of the GOAT? It is indeed arguable regarding who’s the GOAT. That’s why this debate might never end. Michael Jordan made the NBA a globally popular league. He transformed the game to what it is today. But LeBron James broke almost all records a player possibly can in the NBA.

Can LBJ Play For Another Five Years?

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The Lakers owner, Jeanie Buss, won’t be surprised if LBJ plays for another five years. As James said he has a lot more to give to the game of basketball. In terms of achievements, nobody comes close to King James in the modern era. This man is number four on the all-time assist list. But more importantly, LeBron James broke the all-time scoring record last season. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was present on that occasion to pass the torch to James.

After almost four decades, the NBA has a new all-time scoring leader, from the Captain to the King. Both these players have been the most dominant players of their eras. Moreover, these legends of the game had great longevity as players in the league. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for twenty years in the NBA. LeBron James completed his twenty years last season.