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CHECKOUT: Should This Be The New York Yankees Go-To Lineup In 2024?

The New York Yankees have had major ups and downs in the last few years. But last year was the height of their downtime. The 27-time champions failed to make the postseason for the first time since 2016. They finished with an awful 82-80 record. Hence, they nearly managed to maintain the streak of winning seasons. Moreover, the team had a lot of problems regarding their offensive power. They had one true superstar in their batting lineup. And that was the AL 2022 MVP, the NY side’s captain. But Aaron Judge sustained a severe toe injury after a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence.

Since that accident, the Yankees captain missed 35 games on the trot. Judge’s absence turned out to be too costly for the NY side. However, Aaron Judge is still the most valuable player on the Yankees roster. But this offseason, the front office won the jackpot as they were able to land Juan Soto. After all, the Dominican superstar is the best hitter in baseball. Now, the team is heading toward the Spring Training with a lot of optimism. The outfield and the offense look pretty solid at this point.


What Would The Go-To-Lineup Of The Yankees Be This Season?

Juan Soto
Juan Soto Source: NBC Sports

As per the Pinstripe Alley, the Yankees must form a lineup that should be very stressful for the opposing pitchers. Hence, the Bronx Bombers can go with DJ LeMahieu or Gleyber Torres as their leadoff hitter. Despite the team struggled last year, Torres had a pretty good offensive season. It didn’t get a lot of attention that it deserved. Moreover, Torres posted a 123 wRC+ in 158 games. On top of that, he cut the rate of his strikeout by 8% from the previous seasons. Moreover, the power-contact combination of Torres should create a lot of problems for the opposing starters early in a game. In the second position, Juan Soto may come in.

Right behind Gleyber Torres, the left-handed bat of Juan Soto is very ideal. At first, Torres will wear the pitchers down as he will relentlessly avoid strikeouts. Then, the 80-grade swing decision king will make life difficult for the opposing pitchers. Torres comes with a neutral angle, whereas Aaron Judge will come with a steep angle. In between them, Soto’s flat swing will force the pitchers to change their game plan with every batter. It will be a nightmare for the pitchers knowing that Aaron Judge will come after Juan Soto. After the first three main batters, there will be some more important positions to fill. 

Who Will Follow Aaron Judge In The Order?

Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge
Yankees Anthony Rizzo Aaron Judge Source: Bleacher Report

As per the Pinstripe Alley, Anthony Rizzo should come next because he has different approaches. Moreover, he is a mature and professional slugger and, hence, should adapt to the situation well. Then comes the Designated Hitter role that belongs to Giancarlo Stanton. He might come at sixth or seventh, depending on whoever gets the leadoff spot.

Alex Verdugo might follow Stanton because the Yankees need a hitter who can put the ball in play. Either DJ LeMahieu might be the leadoff hitter, as Aaron Boone was thinking about. Or he might come after Verdugo. Then, Austin Wells and Anthony Volpe will get the following spots, respectively. Volpe has a lot of expectations to live up to this upcoming season.

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