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CHECKOUT: Stephen Curry Believes His Warriors Need To “Regain The Home Court Fear”

Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors have been doing their best to turn things around this season. Albeit, they started the season on a winning note. However, they were not able to capitalize on it. Things went downhill when Draymond Green received back-to-back suspensions. The veteran forward really messed up things for the Dubs with his unruly antics. But gradually, it became more and more evident that how truly valuable Green is to the Dubs Dynasty. Moreover, the seven-time champions went down 18-23 at one point. Klay Thompson has not been at his best this season.

Then, Stephen Curry had a few low-scoring games as well. That made Green joke about Father Time catching up with Steph. Nevertheless, even at 35, Steph is still the best player of the Dubs. Clearly, the stats this season prove that again and again. But things changed when Draymond Green returned to the lineup after missing 12 games on the trot. From 12th seed, the Warriors trio helped the team get to 10th seed with 26-26. There has been a lot of improvement in the last few games. But Stephen Curry wants his team to regain the dominance on the home court.


After Clippers Beat Warriors, Stephen Curry Said They Need To Regain Home-Court Fear

Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Splash Brothers Warriors Source: Sports Illustrated

This season, the Dubs lost as many as six games after they could not capitalize on a 15-point or more lead. Previously, the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Warriors after coming back from a 22-point deficit earlier this season. The same opponents beat the GSW again as the latter team blew a 15-point lead. Recently, the Clippers won 130-125 against Curry’s team. However, Steph tried his best to get his team their sixth win on the trot. But the Clippers ended the Dub’s five-game winning streak at the Chase Center. Later, in the post-game interview, Stephen Curry mentioned they were very average, and that’s not how winners get things done in this league.

Moreover, the three-point King hopes the Warriors will go on a run, especially come back stronger in the next game. After the All-Star break, Curry hopes to see the team win every game at home and steal a few on the road. But what’s bothering Stephen Curry is the fact that they have been very average so far. He believes the team needs to regain the home-court fear that “We have grown accustomed to in the past.” Moreover, the Warriors played well in the first three quarters. Later, they started to slip away. In the end, they just gave an easy win to the Clippers again.

Both Steph And The Dubs Coach Believe The Loss Against Clippers Was A One-Off

Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors
Stephen Curry Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Inc. Magazine

After the game against the Clippers, the three-point King said they are a good team with some really confident players. Moreover, Stephen Curry said that is also what the Warriors are trying to prove. Even the Dubs are trying their best to prove that they are a team of the same type like the Clippers. On the other hand, Steve Kerr mentioned that the loss against the Clippers was not a relapse. It was a one-off.

They will try their best not to make it a habit to lose like that. However, it seemed like a habit not so long ago, this season. But the Warriors will try to avoid adding more candidates to the category of their worst defeats this season. That category already has a lot of contenders. 

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