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CHECKOUT: Red Bull Simulator Driver Issues Damning Verdict On ‘Dull’ 2024 Season, Cautions Mercedes & Ferrari

Red Bull is really making the F1 seasons look dull without any competition. It is understandable that every season won’t be as exciting as the 2021 season. Moreover, that season really changed the course of F1 Motorsport. Otherwise, Mercedes had been dominating the grid for eight years in a row. It seemed like a never-ending hegemony that the German team enjoyed. However, the 2021 season changed everything. It was an epic battle between the German team’s Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Eventually, Mercedes won their eighth constructor title in a row. However, Verstappen did not allow Hamilton to get to his eighth Driver’s Championship in 2021.

After an epic finale in Abu Dhabi, the Dutch driver won his maiden title. That way, the Dutchman turned the tide toward Red Bull’s favor. As a result, since 2022, the Austrian outfit has been dominating the grid like never seen before. Albeit, Mercedes had a pretty dominating season in 2016 as well. But the two Merc drivers had an exciting competitive season. However, for Red Bull, there has been only Max Verstappen enjoying the domination without much competition. It seems like 2024 will see another dull F1 season.


Red Bull Simulator Warns Hamilton Of Another Verstappen Dominating Season

Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Last year, Red Bull won 21 races out of 22. Max Verstappen won 19 GPs of those 21 victories of the Austrian outfit. If Sergio Perez could challenge Max Verstappen like Nico Rosberg did Hamilton in 2016, things would not seem so dull. Anyway, recently, Jake Dennis, Red Bull simulator, said 2024 could be another dull season. Dennis drove RB20 in the opening practice of the Abu Dhabi GP last year. Recently, in an interview with the Mirror, Dennis mentioned that Red Bull has got a fast race car yet again. He expects the Austrian outfit to be champions again. Moreover, the Red Bull simulator said Max would dominate again.

Adding to that, Jake Dennis mentioned that it is true they didn’t work on RB19 since the Singaporean GP last year. They focused completely on RB20. That’s why they are so ahead of the rest. But Dennis feels if other powerhouses like Ferrari or Mercedes can find about a second per lap overnight, things can be exciting. Dennis is also a Formula E racer. He feels Verstappen’s dominance is good for Formula E as more fans will turn to that format to find more action-packed races. 

Mercedes Still Believes They Can Turn Things Around

James Allison Mercedes
James Allison Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

Despite suffering a winless season for the first time since 2011, Mercedes has faith in their abilities to return to title-winning contention. Moreover, the technical director of the Silver Arrows, James Allison feels they can be near “In with a shout” of winning both Driver’s and Constructor’s championships.

On top of that, the technical director also claims that Mercedes will be ready with an ambitious program ahead of the 2024 season. They have a “Pretty ambitious program” around the new W15 chassis. Under F1’s ground effect rules, the new chassis would be a significant departure from W13 and W14.