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Hal Steinbrenner Yankees Source: Fox News

The New York Yankees were in deep trouble after the 2023 season. Firstly, they did not make the postseason last year; it was a massive blow for the fans. But they finished with an 82-80 record, which was a tremendous shame for the Bronx. Clearly, the front office had to figure out a way to correct their mistakes. They needed to answer a lot of questions, like why they lost so many games last year. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers needed to improve their roster in every department. At present, it seems the Yankees have really improved their roster vastly. However, they had a pretty good depth in their bullpen last season as well.

But they sacrificed the pitching depth because of the need to land superstar outfielders. Albeit, the NY side hoped to land the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto as well. They tried desperately but lost him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently, the 27-time champions signed Marcus Stroman, the All-Star pitcher, for a two-year deal. Albeit star pitchers are what the Yankees want, they can still use another starting pitcher available in the market.


Yankees May Still Try To Get Blake Snell Or Dylan Cease

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

The New York side made a handful of major moves, especially signing Juan Soto this winter. Clearly, the Dominican superstar boosts the team’s offense to another level. Last year, the Yankees suffered because of their lack of star power in the offense. However, now, with Juan Soto and Aaron Judge in the same lineup, the NY side has a projected top spot in the league based on the outfield’s WAR. But the pitching needs more power, especially for their starting pitchers. They have a dependable hurler in Gerrit Cole, but who can pair with him? As per, Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Blake Snell and Dylan Cease are still viable options for the Yankees.

Moreover, Sherman quoted Hal Steinbrenner saying teams don’t need a $200 million payroll to win but $300 million. But Sherman said the Yankees have exceeded that limit anyway and are still not finished at around $305 million. Moreover, Sherman believes the Bronx Bombers will continue to monitor the market for Cease and Snell. Albeit fans thought after landing Stroman, the Yankees would be out of the market, it seems that’s not going to happen. For a long time, Cease and Snell had trade-rumored links with the Pinstripes. 

Will The Bronx Bombers Bid For Snell Or Cease This Winter?

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Clearly, Snell is the best hurler still available in the market. Perhaps the Yankees have offered him a deal, and Blake refused it. Apparently, Snell is looking for a huge deal in free agency, and no franchise has offered him a contract close to that yet. The Yankees can still make a big move to enhance their roster.

They already have improved their rotation this offseason. Moreover, Snell can help a little more. On the other hand, the Chicago White Sox is a top suitor for Dylan Cease. If Dylan’s asking price comes down, the Yankees can swoop in. They can come together to discuss a deal anyway.